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Where To Find Gas Station Location In Fortnite

Season X Gas Station Location

Fortnite has been keeping its players on its toes with challenges and it is working out for them perfectly, players log in every day to find something new. A new challenge requires players to find and tag gas stations. This guide will help you locate gas stations in Fortnite.

Gas Station Location in Fortnite


There are plenty of gas stations in Fortnite, some are near to popular landing spots while others can be hidden on the island shrouded in secrecy or just not so popular places.

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park has three of these gas stations but beware as this is one of the most popular landing spots for many players, to find the first gas station you will have to go to the eastern side of Pleasant Park and it is easy to find as there isn’t much around it.


The second gas station can be located just to the south of Pleasant Park, just make sure you are on the main road leading south and you will come across a gas station.

Indoor Soccer Pitch

If you go a bit south from there, and near the indoor soccer field you can find another gas station there, you can also find good loot in the area so search the area before heading towards the gas station.


Salty Spring

If you manage to land right in the middle of Salty Spring and take the road leading north towards Dusty Depot you will find a gas station in your way. This can be a bit tricky as it is surrounded by trees but still is easy enough to find it.

Paradise Palms


This does not look like the traditional gas stations in Fortnite, basically, all you need to do is find Station 99 at the South of Paradise Palms. Things sure are strange in Paradise Palms.

The other gas station in Paradise Palms is tricky too, you will need to look for TRUCK’N’Oasis building in Paradise Palms which is near the southwest of the area. It is big enough and easy to spot if you keep looking for trucks.

Lucky Landing

This is is a bit odd as Lucky Landing does not get as much love as the rest of the places, but you can still find a gas station here, all you need to do is go northbound from Lucky Landing, you will have to cross a hill before you can find it though but this might not be as crowded as the rest so you can easily complete your challenge.

This is all there is to know about where to find gas stations in Fortnite. Check our guide Fortnite Spray and Pray Challenge to complete more challenges.