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Where To Find Fountains, Crane, and a Vending Machine In Fortnite

Easily locate all these items to complete challenges

With the recent release of Fortnite Season X Spray & Pray missions bundle, you get a few scavenger hunts which will have you run across the map to find specific things and vandalizing them. This guide will show you where to find fountains, a crane, and a vending machine.

Where to find fountains, a crane, and a vending machine


This is a pretty straight forward challenge, basically, all you need to do is grab your can of spray paint and leave your tag behind. This not only signifies your presence but also leaves behind your mark in the game.

Fountains are present at various places in Fortnite, but due to this challenge, almost everyone will have players constantly around so you will have to be careful about picking your spot.

Make sure that you scan the area first, you can tag the fountain near the eastern shore of Lazy Lagoon, which hopefully will be less crowded and you can be on your way to complete the next challenge.


Crane can be found at the Junk Junction near the southern entrance but again this will be sprawling with other players around so make sure that you clear the area before you head in to tag the crane.

Finally for the vending machine spot, basically you will have to travel a bit as they spawn randomly in each game, but you could try your luck near Happy Hamlet.

This area has 3 vending machine spawn locations so you might just be able to get this done without much trouble involved.


This is all there is to know about where to find fountains, a crane, and a vending machine in Fortnite. Check our guide How To Complete Fortnite Spray And Pray Challenges to know more.