Valorant Competitive Mode: When Is Ranked Coming?

Fans are eagerly waiting for competitive mode.

Valorant, the competitive tactical shooter game, ran a sucessful closed beta which ended on May 28. One of the best features of the beta was the Ranked Mode which was loved by players worldwide. Although everyone was expecting the ranked mode to be a part of the final launch, turns out that it has been removed. So, when is ranked mode coming to Valorant? Let’s find out.

When is Valorant Competitive Mode coming out?

If you are wondering why did Riot Games remove ranked mode of Valorant, here’s your answer. Riot Games has revealed that they want players to get acquainted with the game and learn the ropes of it. Since the closed beta allowed some players to do this, the final released game will provide access to players all over the world. Once more and more players can master the game, the ranked matches will become super fun and challenging. All the more reason to reach the highest rank.

Riot Games is also in the process of making sure that their servers can handle the ranked mode in Valorant. They are working on making the competitive matchmaking more stable and will also be making some improvements and adjustments to it based on the feedback they have received. It’s great to know that the developers are listening to feedback and making the changes beneficial to players.

Now, here’s some information regarding the competitive mode. Riot Games has not officially revealed when the ranked mode in Valorant will be coming out. But it might be pretty soon because they have mentioned that they plan to enable Competitive in a few patches after the launch. So, for those who are already well-versed with the game due to the closed beta, you can get excited for the ranked mode in Valorant. For those who are just entering the world of Valorant, make sure to get your practice done before the Ranked mode launches.

There’s also speculation that there might be a hidden MMR system (hidden matchmaking rating system) in Valorant, just like Riot Games’ League of Legends. Therefore, it would be a good idea to try your very best even in casual matches because that might impact your placement in the Ranked mode in Valorant.

What are the Ranks in Valorant?

Valorant’s Ranked mode featured the ranks iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, immortal and Valorant in the closed beta. Since the highest rank and the game name is same, players gave feedback that it’s confusing. Hence, Riot Games is going to change it. The name as not been revealed at the time of writing.

So this is what we know about Ranked mode in Valorant and when it will come out. Meanwhile, to become the best Valorant player you need some tips and tricks that others don’t know. So, go ahead and check out our Valorant guides right away.