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What To Do First In Forza Horizon 5?

Learn all you should do when you first play FH5 in this guide.

Just started playing Forza Horizon 5 and wondering what you need to do when you first begin this beautiful game? Well, you need not wonder anymore. In this guide, we will walk you through the different things you should do when you start the game for the first time. Following these tips will help you quickly get familiar with FH5 and how it works. So, without further ado, let us gear up for what is going to be an exciting drive!

What to do First in Forza Horizon 5?



Fast Travelling – What to do First when playing FH 5

Yeah, we know. Forza is all about driving mind-bogglingly fast cars, which means the simplest of drives immediately transforms into fast travel. But, FH5 has its own fast travel mode too. With the 5th edition of the game boasting of its biggest-ever map, you will find yourself using this feature more often than not. This feature will especially be helpful in situations where you need to quickly make it to a location for a race or an event.


If you want to fast travel, you will need to shell out 2,000,000 credits in order to acquire the Buenas Vistas villa, located in the extreme west of Mexico.

Tuning – What to do First when playing Forza Horizon 5

Apart from offering a mouth-watering plethora of the world’s best cars coupled with insane graphics, Forza Horizon 5 also offers its players the ability to customize and tune their vehicles. To do so, you just need to head to the game’s tuning menu. You will find yourself lost in the different tuning options. With the help of this menu, you will be able to transform your cars to produce unrecognizable amounts of power!


Check the Accolades – What to do First when playing Forza Horizon 5

FH5 brings with a unique Accolade system. This system features several challenges that you will find yourself inevitably completing as you progress through the game. You will be rewarded with different types of items like car horns, and even new cars!

You can easily find these challenges in the menu, as well as the requirements to complete each of them.

Pay attention to the Songs


Along with the brilliant driving experience, Forza also focuses on good music and its importance to the overall vibe of the game. When listening to songs on the radio stations in the game, we recommend you pay attention to special skill songs.

Skill songs help your skill multiplier increase from a cap of 5x to 10x. What this effectively does is double the XP you receive from each skill chain. Since most of these special songs last for a duration of 3 minutes, you should try to hold your chain for that long. Doing so can easily help you acquire millions of XP in just one run!

EXP Boards

As you start your epic journey in Forza Horizon 5, pay close attention to special EXP boards strewn across the map. Smashing these boards can help you acquire a massive amount of points at one time, helping you progress even more quickly. With that being said, certain boards may be trickier to smash than others. But, the effort will definitely be worth it.

Keep Trying Jumps

Getting the perfect stunt jumps in Forza Horizon 5 can help you earn rewards. To do so, you will need to make sure you constantly earn 3 stars with each jump. The best part about it is that even if you do not get a perfect jump, you can simply try again. How you may ask? The answer is simple. All you need to do is press the button. What this does is trigger Forza’s Rewind feature. Pressing the button will literally see you rewind time, allowing you to go back to the position of your choice. Doing so will help you retry your moves.

So there you have it. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you first start out in Forza Horizon 5. As you can see, using these tips will help you understand the game, and you will find yourself mastering it in no time!

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