Forza Horizon 5 Eliminator: How To Play & Win (Tips & Tricks)

Here's all about what the Eliminator race in Forza Horizon is, how to enter it and most importantly, how to win it.

Fans of the previous Forza Horizon titles may already be aware of the Eliminator, but is it there in Forza Horizon 5? It sure is! If you are not sure what it is, how it works and how you can play and win it, here’s all about it.

Forza Horizon 5 Eliminator – How does it work?

Forza Horizon 5 Eliminator, as the name suggests, is the Battle Royale mode within the game. Since FH5 offers everything related to cars right from races to PR stunts to barn finds, this is yet another element that makes the game interesting. These are the things you need to know about the Eliminator:

  • In this mode, multiple drivers get into a competition to eliminate each other in head-to-head races. The one who wins the final race is crowned as the winner.
  • When you defeat a player in a head-to-head race, you can take the opponent’s car or you can also choose a better car for yourself.
  • There will be car drops that you can get – they are indicated by flares.
  • The time of day will be the time when the session begins.
  • BR players may be already familiar with the circle (the arena in FH5) – which shrinks until you get a final race.

How to Enter and Join the Eliminator?

  • Pause the game.
  • Switch tabs to Online.
  • Select Horizon Open.
  • Choose The Eliminator.
  • You can also find The Eliminator marked on the map. Drive over here and enter the competition immediately.

Forza Horizon 5 Eliminator location on map

How to Win Eliminator in FH5 (Tips and Tricks)

To win the Eliminator in Forza Horizon 5, you need to:

  • Get better cars via drops or by getting them from your defeated opponents.
  • Car drops will usually happen near landmarks such as the ancient temples and buildings.
  • Keep looking for car drops fast. They will be marked with violet flares with banners attached to drones so keep an eye out for those. Drive over to the place and press X to claim it. If you claim a good car right at the beginning, winning can be easier.
  • Many times, you don’t need a level 10 car to win – sometimes a lower level offroad car may do the trick.
  • Focus on driving to the center of the circle, away from the circumference that’s closing in. Since there are no checkpoints, all you need to do is reach the destination faster. Your current car, how you drive it and your strategy with the path to take will determine your performance.
  • Make sure you get those AWD cars with off-road tires, which kill it offroad.
  • As you already know, the terrain in FH5 has loads of trees and rocks in between, which means strategizing is going to be kind of tough this time around. Plus, the map is bigger than ever. So, make sure to understand the density of trees in particular regions and learn which areas to avoid and which to use.
  • Avoid forests unless absolutely necessary. Choose a starting point that’s not in the midst of trees.
  • The obvious tip – Know who to challenge with which car. Again, don’t put full faith in the levels of cars because a level 8 dirt car can be better than a level 9 hypercar in some cases. Hence, knowledge of cars will come into the picture.
  • Don’t forget the aspect of luck – it’s there and will have a role to play in your winning/losing factor.
  • Also, don’t drive out of the limits of the area assigned for The Eliminator. If you don’t get back in soon, you will be eliminated.
  • All is fair in love, war and The Eliminator. You can bump off a driver off a cliff if you prefer.
  • Give the final race your everything.

That’s all there is to know to get you started with The Eliminator. For more info about the best FH5 cars in each class, check out our related guide here.