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What To Do After Beating Crown Tundra

Completed main quests in Crown Tundra, here's what you can do next.

Crown Tundra, the recently added DLC to Pokemon Sword and Shield, is vast. The DLC brings several old and new Pokemon to the game. Hence, there are plenty of Pokemon to catch and a lot many puzzles to solve. Although it is long enough, pro players like yourselves will find it pretty easy to complete the DLC within a few days. But what if you want to continue playing the game, what to do next? We have got you the answer to your question. Here’s what to do after beating Crown Tundra.

What are the Best Things to do After Beating Crown Tundra?


After beating Crown Tundra, what you can do is find out the hidden secrets in the DLC. The Crown Tundra hides many secrets, finding them can grant you rewards. Apart from these secrets, there’s much more to do in Crown Tundra after beating it.

Collect All Pokemon From Your Pokedex

Find and catch all the Pokemon in the game to complete your Pokedex. Doing this can give you beautiful rewards. If you are not able to find some Pokemon, you can opt to go to the trade center and trade Pokemon to get them. You can hand over the Pokemon that you have plenty in numbers to get a Pokemon that you haven’t found yet.


Once you have completed the Pokedex, head to the train station, and interact with the old woman. Show her a Meltan to get a cap, and then show her the Pokedex. She will have a look at it, and if it is complete grant you some rewards that include a special replica crown, 50 Rare Candies, 3 Gold Bottle Caps, and a Certificate of Completion.

Complete All the Dynamax Adventures

The Dynamax Adventures holds numerous legendary Pokemon along with the normal ones from the game. Completing these adventures will help you collect all of them. These legendary Pokemon spawn at a random location in Dynamax Adventures. If you fail to catch them, keep trying on again and again to collect all of them. There is also a chance of getting shiny Pokemon from the adventures. The chances of getting a shiny Pokemon is 1/100.


what to do after completing pokemon crown tundra

Collect Poipole

The best thing about Poipole is that you don’t have to fight against it. It is given as a reward in the Dynamax Adventures. When you talk to Peony after completing 3 main quests, you will find something on the floor of his house. Collect it and take it to Peony at the entrance of Max Lair. This will start Ultra Beasts spawning in the adventures. Defeat and capture 5 Ultra Beasts and take them to an NPC outside the Max Lair. The NPC will give you Poipole.

Capture Regigigas


To capture Regigigas you will first have to capture all the five Regis which are Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Regidrago, and Regieleki. Now the thing is that you will have to choose between Regidrago and Regieleki at some point in the game. Hence, to get the other Regi that you didn’t choose, you will have to find someone willing to trade it.

Once you have all the five Regis, head to the snow slide slope. You will find a location surrounded by four rocks, go there near the raid marker and Regigigas will spawn. Now, defeat the pokemon to capture it.

Catch a Spiritomb

Near the eastern Ballimere Lake is a gravestone of Spiritomb Pokemon. When you interact with the gravestone, it will give a clue that will begin the Spread My Voice Tombstone riddle. All you have to do is interact with around 50 different players in the wild. This will complete the Spread My Voice Tombstone riddle. Now, simply head back to the location of the gravestone, but this time you will find Spiritomb there. Defeat the Pokemon to capture it.

what to do after beating pokemon crown tundra

Get a Keldeo

Find all the four footprints from the Swords of Justice. The footprints are of Pokemon Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo. The footprints of Keldeo will unlock once you find the prints of the first three Pokemon. After finding all the footprints head to the Freezington and interact with Sonia. Now, you will get a notification saying that footprints have been found of a legendary Pokemon that you have never seen. These footprints are of Keldeo. Now, all you have to do is defeat and capture it.

Get Yourself a Galarian Slowking

To get a Galarian Slowking, you will need a Galarian Slowpoke first. If you have Galarian Slowpoke, collect 15 Galarica twigs. Head to the roaring sea caves and hand over the twigs to the old woman. She will give you a wreath as a reward. Use the wreath to evolve Galarian Slowpoke to Galarain Slowking.

Battle With Greedent

Go to the Dyna tree where you found the three Galarian legendary birds. Keep shaking the tree until a giant squirrel falls. The squirrel is named Greedent and defeating it will give you great rewards. The rewards for defeating Greedent includes 30 orenberries, citrus berries, one lancet berry, 20 tomato berries,15 hondu berries, and 5 chopped berries.

what to do after defeating crown tundra

Participate in the Galarian Star Tournament

You will first have to complete all the main story clues and quests in Crown Tundra. This will unlock the Galarian Star Tournament. Once unlocked, head to the Max Lair to participate in the event. The tournament is a multi-battle mode. Hence, select a partner and participate in the battle.

Collect New Clothing!

After completing the Galarian Star Tournament once or twice, you will unlock the feature of collecting new skins and clothing for your character. All you have to do is show your legendary Pokemon to a man in Wyndon.

I hope this list will answer what to do after beating Crown Tundra question. If you are not yet able to defeat Crown Tundra might be having a look at some of our guides on the most challenging riddles that will help you. You can read our guides on how to complete the Spread My Voice Tombstone riddle and The King of Bountiful Harvest legendary clue (get Calyrex Steed) in Pokemon Crown Tundra.