What Is Valheim Plus Mod

Wondering about what Valheim Plus Mod is and how to enhance gameplay? Check it out right here

Valheim Plus or V+ is a mod for the popular Viking-based survival game Valheim which looks to improve certain aspects of the game and take out the unforgiving nature of the 10th world in Nordic mythology. This Valheim Plus mod created by nX_ will ensure that players who are new to survival genre games, can have a pleasant time within the game and enjoy the experiences. If you wish to know what is Valheim Plus mod and how to use it, you should read the rest of this guide.

What Is Valheim Plus Mod

Valhiem Plus is a mod that focuses on the quality of life improvements of the game. Created by nX_, this mod will change certain aspects of the game and takes out the boring grind, and replaces it with other features that keep you engaged in the game.

what is valheim plus mod
Valheim Plus Mod brings a ton of quality of life improvements to this survival-based game

Below you will find all the features of Valheim Plus:


  • Modification of Stamina usage and regeneration
  • Modification of carry weight
  • Modification of Food duration
  • Option to force all remove screen shake
  • Fermenter, Beehive, Kiln and Furnace
  • Modify Fermenter speed
  • Modify Fermenter output amount
  • Modify Beehive honey production speed
  • Modify Beehive maximum honey
  • Modify Furnace processing speed
  • Modify Furnace maximum coal/ore
  • Modify Kiln processing speed
  • Modify Kiln maximum wood with the V+ mod


  • Remove Item teleport prevention from all items
  • Reduce Item weight of all items by %
  • Modify maximum item stack size by %


  • Remove Password requirement for server
  • Modify maximum Players on a server

Shared Map System

  • Allows you to see the explored areas on the map of other players on the server if they have their position on the map shared ingame.
  • You currently only receive exploration when you are online.

Custom Keybinds

  • Hotkey options for forwards and backward roll.


  • Remove Building “Invalid Placement” restriction
  • Remove Building Object deterioration by weather.
  • Advanced Building Mode
  • Advanced Editing Mode

Advanced Building Mode 

  • You freeze the item by pressing the configurated key (F1 is default) in Valheim Plus mod.
  • You can modify the item position and rotation with the following key combinations:
  • Arrow Up/Down/Left/Right = moves the building object in the respective direction.
  • Arrow Up/Down + Control = moves the building object up and down
  • ScrollWheel = rotates the building object on the Y axis.
  • ScrollWheel + Control = rotates the building object on the X axis.
  • ScrollWheel + left Alt = rotates the building object on the Z axis.
  • Numpad plus/minus to either increase or decrease the speeds, press SHIFT in addition to raise/lower by 10 instead of 1 (Pressing Shift at any moment in time increases the distance/rotation angle by *3)
  • Build the object with a mouse click with the V+ mod.

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How To Use Valheim Plus Mod In Valheim

To use Valheim Plus Mod in Valheim, you will simply need to download it and install it. Once you’ve downloaded the mob, you will have to download the latest Windows server pack and then copy the contents to the root server folder. This is all there is to know about how to use Valheim Plus mod.

Valheim Plus Incompatible Version Or Valheim Plus Not Working

If you face any issues simply, use Steam’s verify feature: download and or update all the files, then unpack the valheim_Data folder from the downloaded last available v+ version package into your game folder again.

This is all there is to know about what is Valheim Plus Mod and how to install it in Valhiem, while you’re here make sure to check out our Valheim Wiki Guide for more information