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Lost Ark: What Is RMT & How Ban Works

Farming gold in Lost Ark and came across something known as RMT? We'll explain it.

Many players or whales are using RMT in Lost Ark to get gold fast. This has become a problem for the majority of the player base as it has caused inflation of in-game Gold. Thus the community wants the RMT accounts punished and such bots removed. So in this guide let us check what RMT is in Lost Ark and how you can get a ban for it.

What is RMT in Lost Ark?


lost ark rmt ban

RMT stands for Real Money Transactions and is also referred to as Real Money Trading. These are done mostly by bots and whales.

Whales are actual players that spend tons of real money for in-game purchases. And these purchases aren’t in small numbers like maybe a simple skin, emote, or a battle pass. These are premium content that can be in both small or large numbers. Thus you can see where the problem begins and this is where bot accounts come in. These bots allow players to buy in-game items, loot, or other content for real money. There are two problems this causes:


  • It causes inflation in the in-game currency in this case gold.
  • And it also makes opportunities for scammers. They can trick people into giving them actual money in exchange for nothing. While this doesn’t pose much threat to the scammer’s account, the player that has put their time and effort into the game has a lot to lose. That is if they engage in such transactions. Which you absolutely should not as it goes against the game’s Code of Conduct.

RMT Ban in Lost Ark

As of now, the game is punishing such accounts with a 3-day ban. Which is a step in the right direction but not a complete fix. The community still wants harsher punishments on players like permabans or banning RMTers for a month or two.


How can you avoid getting Banned

You can avoid getting an RMT ban by not engaging in such trades in the first place. In case you got banned for no reason then you can also do a ban appeal to get your account unbanned.

Remember this guide is only for educational purposes, we DO NOT support such practices in any way. Never do illegal trades outside the game as that breaks the game’s ToS. If the game finds out about such activities on your account they may choose to punish you.


That covers everything you should know about what RMT is in Lost Ark and how the ban works. For more help on this game check out our Lost Ark guides.