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Lost Ark Ban Appeal: How To Unban Account?

Have you got perma banned or suspended in Lost Ark & think you have been wrongly penalized? Here's how to appeal your ban.

In MMORPG games players encounter malpractices like using bots, cheating or doing real money transfers. If your Lost Ark account has been banned after a ban wave, you can appeal to recover it. Here’s the process you need to follow, but do remember that appealing a ban does not guarantee that your Lost Ark account will get unbanned.

How to Appeal Lost Ark Ban & Get Unbanned?


During large scale ban waves, there’s a chance that you can get caught up in it without violating any rule. In case your account is incorrectly suspended or banned, you need to file a ticket with the support team – this is how you can get the fastest response from them.

how to unban perma ban lost ark


  • Click on the Web Ticket link and login to your account.

link amazon steam accounts

  • Link your Steam account to your Amazon account, if you haven’t already. Simply click on the “Link your Steam account” button.
  • Once done, you will see a page where you can put in your details.


lost ark ban appeal support page

  • Add your character name, server name, screenshots/logs/recordings and then provide a justification to get your ban overturned.
  • Finally, click on Submit Ticket.
  • In case your ban appeal is approved, your account will get unbanned immediately. Do note that you need to submit an appeal only once. Sending it multiple times will not speed up the process.

In case your account is not unbanned, you will receive a response from Amazon Games.


Here’s an example:

“We reviewed the information you provided on appeal and have confirmed that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case. We take instances of cheating seriously as it is harmful to the community and violates section of Cheating in our code of conduct. As a result, your Lost Ark account remains permanently banned. If you still feel that you were mistakenly penalized despite following all rules in the Amazon Games code of conduct, we would appreciate it if you could provide further evidence to substantiate your appeal.”

Why Did I Get Banned in Lost Ark?

Players need to read the Code of Conduct posted by Amazon Games to know which action has violated Lost Ark’s ToS.

  • Do not exploit bugs or do unintended use of game features.
  • Do not cheat, bot, hack, or use other software or services that give you an unfair advantage through, for example, unattended gameplay or game modifications.
  • Do not engage in real-money trading of in-game items and in-game currencies.
  • Do not engage in behavior that diminish, threaten, bully, insult, abuse, or harass others.

If you do get your account back, don’t forget to read through our Lost Ark guides section for more helpful tips and tricks.