What Is Pruning In Loki & What Does It Do?

One word you are going to hear over and over again in the Loki TV Series is Pruning. Even in Season 2, officials from the Time Variance Authority (TVA) are using this term on multiple occasions. While the characters did not explain much about it, we (as the audience) have to figure it out by watching the events in the Series. So, are you curious to know about Pruning? And what happens when someone gets Pruned in Loki? Let’s learn about it in our comprehensive guide.

What is Pruning and What does it do in Loki?

Whenever someone gets Pruned, they are teleported to another realm called the Void. This is a place where victims are exiled so that they don’t affect any timeline. That’s right, the Void is unaffected by Space and Time. What’s worse about getting Pruned and ending up in the Void is Alioth. It is a trans-temporal entity that guards the Void and erases the essence of its victim after getting in contact with it. Once it happens, the Pruned entity’s existence will be erased from all the realities.

What is Pruning and What does it do in Loki

As of now, the TVA officials have the authority to Prune anyone using a Time Stick. All they have to do is hit a person using the end of the stick to send them into the Void. After getting Pruned, the only way to recover and return to the original timeline is by using a Time Door. During the events of Loki Season 1, we have seen Mobius using his TemPad to summon Time Door several times. If you haven’t watched Loki Season 1 yet then I won’t spoil things much for you.

What Happens After Pruning Branches (Timeline)?

Often, you will hear about Pruning Branches other than a person in the Loki Series. However, the consequences for both of them are different. Kate Dickie’s General Dox is one of the TVA officials who can call for Pruning Branches or a Timeline. But let me tell you that not all Timelines are meant to be Pruned. Timelines that are growing separate from the Sacred Timeline are getting Pruned. That is because each Timeline that grows apart creates a possibility for a Multiversal War. And this is what He Who Remains is trying to tackle by Pruning Branches, meaning erasing or resetting them.

What does Pruning Branches do

I am sure that we will learn about Pruning in Loki Season 2. It is already released and you can watch it on Disney Plus right now. The Season Finale is on November 9, 2023, so you have plenty of time to binge-watch Loki Season 2 and understand more about Pruning.

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