Who Is Ouroboros In Loki Season 2 & Is OB Evil (Marvel)?

Marvel Phase 5’s Loki Season 2 introduces many exciting fresh characters to the MCU. One of these characters includes Ouroboros aka O.B. as the chief (and the only) engineer of the TVA. Since season 1 ended with the death of “He who remains”, the sole variant of Kang the Conqueror, there will be multiple versions of him branching out from various realities. If you have seen the end of Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania, you might also be anticipating Victor Timely, another version of Kang. But that being said, the introduction of Ouroboros played by Ke Huy Quan is the most refreshing addition to MCU.

But is he evil? How is Ouroboros connected to the history of Marvel Comics? And does he have any ties to the Norse mythology? Here’s where you can find out who is Loki season 2’s Ouroboros in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Who is Ouroboros in Loki Season 2?

Is ouroboros evil in loki season 2
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Ouroboros aka O.B. is revealed to be the chief and sole engineer of Repairs and Advancement at the Time Variance Authority (TVA). He is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of all the time-travel devices by TVA members. From the brief glimpse we got, it doesn’t look like he has anywhere to go or a personal life. Just like other members, his work seems to be his entire life.

This may seem because he might have been memory-wiped by He Who Remains (HWR). But as he remembers the conversations with Loki and Mobius clearly, it seems HWR might have missed out on this TVA member. Further adding, he also remembers toiling away over here for 400 years without any visitors. Due to his life being so isolated in TVA and away from other members, he might not have been considered a threat by HWR.

This means he could have some pivotal info about Kang the Conqueror that might help out Loki and Mobius. While it feels a bit stretched, he might even point them both to Victor Timely at some point.

Is Ouroboros Evil?

who is ouroboros in loki season 2 is he evil

No, there isn’t any highlight or foreshadowing that indicates Ouroboros is evil in Loki S02 so far. Considering Ancient mythology and folklore, Ouroboros translates to a snake or dragon devouring its own tail. It’s a symbolic iconography indicating the constant birth and death while being reborn from itself. This means balance in all planes of existence. In Norse mythology, Ouroboros is known as the Midgard Serpent who is eventually killed by Thor during the events of Ragnarok.

Similarly, Loki’s Ouroboros also seems to have no beginning or end till now. However, this version of Ouroboros or O.B. doesn’t seem like an evil guy. But if he was to turn evil at some point, the MCU would need a pretty good reason.

Ke Huy Quan Plays the Ouroboros in Loki Season 2

Ke Huy Quan is famously known for playing Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). Following the fame, he also played Data in the Goonies (1985). After landing a few roles in the ’90s, the actor took a 19-year break from acting until he returned to acting in movies like Finding ‘Ohana (2021) and Everything Everywhere All at Once (2023). The latter movie got him several critical accolades including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and a call from Kevin Fiege to join the MCU project. It will be pretty exciting to see what the future holds for this character.

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