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What is Nioh 2 Sentience – Unlock Yokai Weapons, and More

This article tells you all you need to know about sentience.

Nioh 2 brings in the Yokai Weapons in the game. They come attached with the Imbue Corruption ability which let you listen to demons thought. But for this, you will have to achieve Sentience with the weapon. This guide will help you clear the confusion on what exactly is Nioh 2 sentience and how to achieve that.

All You Need to Know about Sentience in Nioh 2.


Here is all there is to know about Sentience in Nioh 2.

Corruption Nioh 2 Sentience

Nioh 2 is a world of demons and spirits and it is not new to come across some very cool powers and weapons. The game features a variety of such dope weapons. One of these is Yokai Weapons which the game recently introduces. You can bag these by defeating the Yokai Enemies. These weapons are laced with Corruption elemental effect that will make your enemy lose Purity.  Using these weapons will dry out the Ki from the enemy and increase your Ki as a player. Ki is a pulse that is used as a recovery when the player is surrounded by the blue light. This recovery of Ki via the enemy is Purity. Yokai themselves, unlike humans, are resistant to corruption but not immune.



A Yokai Weapon or a Yokai Ability comes with a Sentience stat bar. Yokai Ability unlocks with Soul Cores after you purify and attune the Cores. As for the weapon, the more you use, the more the Sentience charge you get and your sentience bar will keep building. Sentience charge is a passive ability. Once the Sentience bar is full, you reach an awakened state with the weapon. This will allow you to hear your Yokai weapon. The weapon enhances and gives you access to a 30% increase in your melee damage. The Yokai can speak to you 5 times in total. The number however depends on your familiarity tier with that weapon. The familiarity increases as you use the weapon. The more usage of the weapon in fights, the more the familiarity bar will rise.

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