What is a Moniker Name in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Explained

Just entered your name but are seeing a list of various generic name options under Moniker in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Well, they do serve a useful purpose.

RPG games can oftentimes be confusing, and at times it doesn’t even have to do with the core mechanics. For example, in Dragon’s Dogma 2 when creating your character you also have to choose a Moniker. This might make new players question what does it do, because you just entered a name, so why does it ask again and this time gives you aliases to choose from? This further brings up questions of whether it affects your story or progression in any way? The answer is not what you might be expecting.

What does Dragon’s Dogma 2 have Moniker names?

What Is Moniker In Dragons Dogma 2
Image Credits: NorZZa on YouTube. Choose a Name and Moniker in DD2.

Moniker names are simply there in DD2 to in a way censor your name when the game finds it inappropriate.

  1. In the Character Creator, after you enter your name, the next option below is Moniker.
  2. When you click on it you get a list of names fitting the game’s thing.
    • You can check the different letters and there are options also for both male and female names.
  3. Select any name that you like.
  4. Now, if your character name is offensive or inappropriate in any way, then rather than displaying it the game will show the Moniker instead.
  5. You have to choose a Moniker for both your playable Arisen and the Pawn.

Interestingly this isn’t exactly a new feature. The first Dragon’s Dogma had it as well.

Do Monikers affect DD2 Story?

No, regardless of what name you choose, in the in-game dialogues, the NPCs or other characters will always refer to your character or Pawn as Arisen or Pawn. As such it won’t break the immersion, rather they are only used to display during online play for players that might have Parental controls enabled.

That is all for what a Moniker is in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Since you are interested in this game, you should also give our DD2 section a check as you can find plenty of other useful guides here!