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What Happened In 1984 (Fortnite)? Explained

Curious to know what happened in 1984 Fortnite? Read all about it here.

If you have been online in the past 24 hours, you know that the Epic Games vs Apple battle has begun again. Apple has removed Fortnite from the iOS Store since Epic Games has added their own purchasing system defying the platform’s rules. This means that players can get a discounted price and Apple won’t get the 30% cut. It has now turned into a legal battle and Fortnite has released a video titled Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite #FreeFortnite. Gamers are now wondering – what happened in 1984 Fortnite? We’ll give you the answer in this article.

What is 1984 Fortnite?

Before heading into the reasons behind the 1984 Fortnite video, though, take a look at it here if you missed it.

The overall style of the video is actually referring to Apple’s video ad at that released in 1984. As you can see, Apple is depicted as a ruthless corporate giant on the screen with the head of a bitten apple. The crowd looks dazed, terrified and under the complete control of the Apple head man. It’s all dull, black and white until a woman, colorful and bright (that’s the Brite Bomber skin), comes to the rescue. While being chased by security, she runs towards the screen and throws her unicorn club towards it, effectively smashing it into pieces.

As she walks away, this text appears on the screen:

1984 apple fortnite videoBasically, this video takes the 1984 ad where Apple introduced the Macintosh computer and turns it against Apple. The original video referenced George Orwell’s 1984 and presented itself as a new force in the world of technology, breaking the monopoly of IBM.

Epic is cleverly criticizing Apple using Apple’s strategy. Fortnite 1984 video parodies this and makes a point about not conforming to a corporate entity’s monopoly. When Fortnite announced the direct payment option, seems like they were prepared for retaliation from Apple which is evident in this well-planned video. In case you want to watch the original video, here it is:

Apart from apple, Epic Games has also filed suit against Google since Fortnite was dropped from the Google Play Store as well. This story is developing and we will give you the latest updates about it on GamerTweak news.