Minecraft: What Do Camels Eat?

With the new Trails & Tales update in Minecraft, players will be able to interact with one of their favorite mobs in the game i.e. Camels. From what little interactions players had with these desert animals, they are arguably one of the most reliable companions and the best ride you will get across desert biomes. Like others, they too can be approached peacefully and be loyal to players who feed them. Though questions arise, what do these desert mammals eat? If you are looking for the same, here is our guide on what do Camels eat in Minecraft 1.20 update.

What do Camels Eat in Minecraft 1.20?

camels in minecraft 1.20
Image source JayDeeMC on YouTube

Camels’ only food source in Minecraft is Cactus. They more or less reflect the diet of their real-life counterparts. Similar to other animals in the game, feeding the right food to Camels in their case Cactus can help you gain their trust and tame them. To feed them, you will have to equip and hold the cactus, and after approaching one of them simply right-click on them. Once done, the camel will then follow you around and you can hop in for a ride. For better control, you will have to put a saddle on them. As camels are strong-jawed animals, eating cactus in the game won’t hurt them. Instead, feeding them with the right amount can heal their hearts recovering their health. You can collect them from the desert or even grow them yourselves.

As camels are tall, players would be safe from most of the melee attacks in the game which makes them a must-have companion. To breed Camels in Minecraft, players will have to find and get 2 and feed them the cacti. This will make them enter love mode, after which they will breed and spawn a baby camel. You will have to wait another 5 minutes before you can do so again.

That is everything covered on what you can feed Camels in the new Minecraft 1.20 update. If you are looking for other interesting features from the update, check out our guide on how to craft & use hanging signs in Minecraft 1.20.

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