How To Craft & Use Hanging Sign In Minecraft 1.20

Signs have been there for a while in Minecraft now and they are used extensively for multiple reasons in the game. If you are not quite a fan of how they looked, the new Trail & Tales update gives you an upgrade from boring old signs placed on the block. Players can now craft hanging signs in the game and this time it won’t get destroyed if you move the block around. Here is our guide on how you can craft & use hanging signs in Minecraft with the latest update.

How to Craft Hanging Signs in Minecraft 1.20

hanging signs in minecraft 1.20

Players can craft the Hanging Signs with the use of 6 Stripped Logs(any wood) and 2 Chains. You can acquire stripped logs by simply hitting any wooden log with an axe. Once you have enough material at your disposal, you can head towards your crafting table. Similar to the old signs you will have to place the logs at the bottom half of the grid. Then place the chains on either corner of the top row. This will give you up to 6 signs of the log you chose. There are 11 types of wood you can use in the process for the color you want.

Once done crafting, you can equip the Hanging Signs and place them on any wooden block you want. You can place it anywhere on the block except the top. After which you can enter the text you want and customize it accordingly. You can use these in various ways from simply naming or labeling things in the game to notifying other players of something.

Although players will have to comprise the amount of text that they can enter. This time around destroying the block on which it is placed won’t destroy the sign too. This can very well be a bug in the game and can be resolved in further updates. But for now, players can enjoy having floating signs for their use.

That is everything covered on how to craft Hanging Signs in Minecraft 1.20. If you are looking for suspicious sand in the game, check out our guide on the topic right here on Gamer Tweak.