What Are Piglin Brutes And How To Easily Defeat Them In Minecraft

Piglin brutes in Minecraft are hostile variants of piglins that guard bastion remnants. They spawn with golden axes. You will need to be careful as they can quickly surprise you, if you want to know how to beat them you should probably read everything in this guide.

What Are Piglin Brutes In Minecraft

Piglin Brutes are a different variety of Piglin in Minecraft, unlike their counterpart, these are hostile and they can be tough to defeat. Their difficulty is directly related to what difficulty you are playing the game on.

To find Piglin Brutes you will need to go to all types of bastion remnants, they have 8.5% of dropping the weapon that they are holding which is the golden axe.

The best thing about Piglin Brutes is the fact that they do not spawn with any sort of armor, this makes them a somewhat of an easy target for veteran gamers.

If you manage to kill a Piglin Brute, you stand to earn up to 5 experience points you can even have them taken down by a tamed wolf and still get the same experience points.

Piglin Brutes however are very hostile, so if they spot you they will hunt you down and try to kill you. They do not retreat and if a player attacks a single Piglin Brute the enter herd around it will become hostile and attack the player.

If in the Overworld or the End, Piglin Brutes will transform into zombified piglins making them even more difficult, they also get the Nausea effect for 10 seconds but it has no impact on their behavior and they will still be hostile.

Piglin Brutes have 50 health and are the sixth toughest mob in Minecraft. They are as big as Piglins and their golden arm guard is meant to work as a mini-shield.

This is all there is to know about Piglin Brutes in Minecraft if you are looking for something more in Minecraft why not check out Where to find Crying Obsidian in Minecraft.