How To Get Crying Obsidian In Minecraft

Crying Obsidian is a rare block in Minecraft that is required to craft a Respawn Anchor. Here is a guide on how to find it and what are the chances of getting it easily.

Minecraft Update 1.16 brought fresh new content for the players. In this update, you can explore the treacherous region of the Nether. This region is full of valuable and rare loot you can use to craft new weapons, tools, armor, and more. However, it is full of hostile mobs and it’s dangerous to even for experienced players. Considering how difficult it is to survive in the Nether, it would be great if you could place a Respawn Anchor. Luckily you can do it with materials found in the Nether itself. This guide will tell you how to get Crying Obsidian to craft Respawn Anchor in Minecraft.

How to Get Crying Obsidian in Minecraft

Craft Respawn Anchor with Crying Obsidian

Crying Obsidian is a variant of the regular variant. It can be easily distinguished by its purple luminous appearance. The best ways to get Crying Obsidian are:

  • Barter with Piglins
  • Loot Chests
  • Mine Ruined Portals

Barter with Piglins

Piglins are a new neutral mob introduced in the Nether Update. However, they become hostile if you are not wearing any piece of golden armor. So make sure you have a Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, or Boots made of Gold before encountering them in the Nether region. To barter with them:

  • Head over to the Nether Region.
  • Find an Adult Piglin and go near it.
  • Drop a Gold Ingot and look at the Piglin while it picks and examines the Ingot.
  • After 8 – 10 seconds, it will drop an item with roughly an 8.71% chance of the item being Crying Obsidian.

If you drop an Ingot near a baby Piglin, then you will get nothing in return so check if they are around.

Loot Chests

In the Nether region, you will find large castle-like structures called Bastion Remnants. Look for the Treasure Room which is usually over a Lava Floor with connecting bridges. Be wary of the Magma Cube monster and you will find several Treasure Chests and blocks of Gold. You can open these Treasure Chests to get Crying Obsidian.

Mine Ruined Portals

In the Overworld, you will find several Ruined Portals. These are made of Obsidian but you will also find some Crying variants on them. But to mine them, you will need a Diamond Pickaxe or better.

With the above tips, you can definitely find Crying Obsidian to craft a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft. For more helpful guides like How to Duplicate Items, check out our Minecraft section.