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What Abilities Should You Unlock First In Immortals Fenyx Rising

If you're wondering about what abilities to unlock first in Immortals Fenyx Rising. We've got the answer. Check it out right here

Using different abilities in Immortals Fenyx Rising will offer you a ton of new avenues to attack defend and traverse in the game. It will completely revolutionize how you play the game and there are some abilities that we recommend that you should unlock first. If you want to know more about them, keep on reading.

What Abilities Should You Unlock First In Immortals Fenyx Rising?

  • Swim Dash
  • Axe Counter Attack
  • Axe Dodge Attack
  • Climb Leap
  • Glide Boost
  • Laser Immunity
  • Phosphor’s Clone
  • Phosphor’s Cloak
  • Herakles’s Leap
  • Hephaistos’s Hammer

abilities unlock first immortals fenyx rising

The above-mentioned abilities are the ones we recommend that you unlock first in the game. If you keep these abilities as your priorities and unlock them early on, progressing in the game becomes incredibly easy and you will defeat any enemy that comes your way.

Most of these abilities are movement-based, they will ensure that not only you can escape enemy attacks easily but using them in the game will help you to get to places that you weren’t able to before.

The attack based abilities mentioned above will help you power up yourself and use your weapons to their best. Hepahaisto’s Hammer in particular gives you an additional weapon that can be more powerful than the axe and sword that you have.

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Make sure that you combine these abilities for their best effect and you will soon become unstoppable in Immortal Fenyx Rising. The game gets challenging as you progress and midway through has the potential to become absolutely unbeatable if you do not have the proper abilities unlocked.

This is when you will need to unlock all the best abilities in the game and use them at the perfect moment. While there are other abilities too in the game, we recommend that unlocking these ones will bring the most functionality out of the game and make it much more enjoyable.

This is all there is to know about what abilities to unlock first in Immortals Fenyx Rising.