FFXIV Weekly Reset & Daily Reset Explained

Here's all on the Weekly and Daily Reset times of FFXIV and how do they affect you.

Final Fantasy IV, also known as FFXIV is a massively multiplayer online RPG that can be played in PvE and PvP modes. While players improve their character, they gain better statistics by collecting EXP in the game. Along with that, Final Fantasy XIV is also known for the numerous weekly and daily activities that boost your overall progress. While it is not a compulsion to do these activities, it is certainly useful. Since these activities are reset weekly and daily, players are confused as to what time this happens and how it affects them. In this guide, we explain all on the Weekly and Daily Reset of FFXIV, what time it is and how it affects you.

What is the FFXIV Weekly Reset Time?

Final Fantasy XIV Daily Reset Time

The Weekly Reset of Final Fantasy XIV happens every Tuesday and unlike many other games, the reset time is global. The FFXIV Weekly Reset happens at 8 A.M UTC/GMT, 3 A.M CT, and 12 A.M PST.

Now that we are done with the time, let’s see how the weekly reset will affect you. The weekly reset majorly affects the Challenge Log among other things. The challenge log is the set of activities that will reward you with XP, Gold, and others. This effectively helps you progress in the game.

While there is certainly much more that is reset weekly in FFXIV, Challenge Log is important. Other worthy mentions would be Raid Lockouts, Custom Deliveries, Faux Hollows, and Allagan Tomestones.

What time is the Final Fantasy XIV Daily Reset?

As we all know, the game resets quests and some in-game resources. While players are excited to face new challenges daily, the ones who are grinding hard to progress would love to know how early they can get in to face these challenges. So here’s the time at which FFXIV has a daily reset:

  • 10 A.M CT
  • 8 A.M PST
  • 4 P.M UTC/GMT

That’s all you need on the Weekly and Daily Reset time of FFXIV. While you are here, make sure you do not miss out on our Final Fantasy XIV guides for more such content at Gamer Tweak.