GTA 5 Online: Weazel Plaza Shootout Location (Get WM 29 Pistol)

Here is where you can find the Weazel Plaza in GTA Online.

During the festive holiday event, you should get to the Weazel Plaza to get your hands on the WM 29 pistol. Many people are looking to get here to play the shootout mission. This mission also apparently takes inspiration from the movie Die Hard. Thus many players even call it the Die Hard Mission. So in this guide check out the location of Weazel Plaza in GTA 5 Online for the Shootout mission. Also, learn how to unlock the WM 92 Pistol.

Where to Find Weazel Plaza in GTA 5 Online?

where to find weazel plaza location in gta 5 online
Image Credit: GTA 5

You can find Weazel Plaza in Rockford Hills. This is a location both in GTA 5 and GTA Online. To be precise you can find it at the intersection of Heritage Way and Movie Star Way in Los Santos at Rockford Hills. Check above map for exact location. It is supposedly the headquarters of the Weazel TV network.

While playing GTA Online you can even purchase apartments 101, 70, and 26 from These costs:

  • Apartment 101 – $335,000
  • Apartment 70 – $319,000
  • Apartment 26 – $304,000

How to Start Weazel Shootout Mission & Get WM 29 Pistol in GTA Online

  1. Launch GTA 5 and start playing GTA Online.
  2. Make sure you play a minimum of 20 minutes in a single session. The more the better.
  3. After 20 minutes go to the Weazel Plaza building. Or try being as near to it as possible.
  4. Make sure the time is anywhere between 8 PM and 6 AM in-game.
  5. Once you fulfill both these criteria you will see a Helicopter fly over the building.
  6. This will start the mission.
  7. Get to the top of the building. Oppressor MK II is the recommended vehicle best suited for this task.
  8. Eliminate all enemies once you get to the top.
  9. After eliminating them all, look for the WM 29 as a drop from enemies.
  10. Collect the gun and you will get it.

That covers this guide on the Weazel Plaza location in GTA 5 Online and how to start the Shootout mission to get the WM 29 Pistol. Speaking of the festive exclusive missions you should also check our guide on all snowman locations. This will help you unlock the snowman suit. And for more help on this game head over to our GTA Online section.