GTA 5 Online: All Snowman Locations (Get Snowman Outfit)

Here are the locations where you can find every Snowman in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online’s Christmas update is here and people are looking for the locations of Snowman. This is a new mission that you can do to get the Snowman Outfit. All you have to do is find them and destroy them. But it sounds easier than it actually is. Because going around randomly to find these Snowmen can take a lot of time. So in this guide check out all the map locations where you can find Snowman in GTA 5 Online.

All Snowman Locations for GTA 5 Online

You can find every Snowman in the marked locations on the maps below.

gta 5 online all snowman map locations 2

gta 5 online all snowman map locations 1

There are 25 of them and you can get to them in any order. Before we check these locations, Thanks to GTA 5 for their interactive map. Remember to check them out, they give you map locations for places like Ammu nation, clothing, barber, and more. They also show you activities, services, collectibles, and more on their interactive map. Now here is where you can find all Snowmen in the game:

  1. Snowman Location 1: Chamberlain Hills
  2. Snowman Location 2: Aguja St (Vespucci Canals)
  3. Snowman Location 3: El Burro Heights
  4. Snowman Location 4: Vespucci Canals
  5. Snowman Location 5: Mirror Park
  6. Snowman Location 6: Legion Square
  7. Snowman Location 7: Hawick
  8. Snowman Location 8: Vinewood Hills
  9. Snowman Location 9: Mirror Park
  10. Snowman Location 10: Banham Canyon (Great Ocean Highway)
  11. Snowman Location 11: Rockford Hills
  12. Snowman Location 12: Banham Canyon
  13. Snowman Location 13: Vinewood Hills
  14. Snowman Location 14: Vinewood Hills
  15. Snowman Location 15: Tongva Valley
  16. Snowman Location 16: Sandy Shores
  17. Snowman Location 17: Grand Senora Desert
  18. Snowman Location 18: Grapeseed
  19. Snowman Location 19: Mount Gordo
  20. Snowman Location 20: Mount Chiliad (Great Ocean Highway)
  21. Snowman Location 21: Grand Senora Desert
  22. Snowman Location 22: Paleto Bay
  23. Snowman Location 23: Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  24. Snowman Location 24: Ron Alternates Wind Farm
  25. Snowman Location 25: Grand Senora Desert

That covers this guide on all map locations where you can find Snowman in GTA 5 Online. For more help on similar topics for this game be sure to check out our GTA Online section.