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Far Cry 6 Weapon Wheel Flickering Glitch Fix v1.05

Weapon wheel not working in Far Cry 6? Do this!

Are you in the middle of combat and suddenly, the weapon wheel glitched and doesn’t come up anymore? Pressing the default Q button on your keyboard but nothing happens. A quick search let me know that I wasn’t alone – the scenarios are different for different players but the weapon wheel bug is the same. Unfortunately, this is happening during co-op too and it seems like fast traveling has something to do with triggering this bug. Is there a fix or are you stuck with the weapon you are using?

How to Fix Far Cry 6 Weapon Wheel Flickering Glitch v1.05


The simple fix for the Far Cry 6 weapon wheel flickering glitch is to close the game and reload it. Yup, there’s no step-by-step long process that you need to follow, thankfully. We did try to get out of the game by closing the save file and reloading it but it did not work. Upon continuing the save file, the Q button on the keyboard still wasn’t bringing up the weapon wheel. Quitting to desktop and restarting FC6 cleared up the issues and the weapon wheel was fully functional. Restarting the client is also one of the things that fixes these issues. So, if any of these errors come up, you know exactly what to do.

how to fix weapon wheel not working issues far cry 6

Players who are encountering this issue during co-op or after fast traveling also need to close the game and reload it to fix it. Quitting the session and joining it back does not solve it. And no, you do not need to re-download the whole game nor do you have to verify game files for this reason.


So, hopefully, that solves the problem and you can choose any weapon you have in your wheel as well as call a ride or equip a fishing rod. Speaking of fishing and vehicles, we’ve got quite a few Far Cry 6 guides for you that you can check out. Don’t forget to head over to our dedicated category to get all the latest info.