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All Far Cry 6 Error Codes, Messages & How To Fix Issues

Unable to accept invites or connect to a co-op session and Special Operation? Here are the fixes suggested by Ubisoft.

While trying to launch Far Cry 6, you may come across the Warm Up PSO cache error, after launching, you may get the blurry textures bug and unfortunately, you might also get some more error codes. In this guide, we will give you the fixes recommended by Ubisoft that could potentially fix the error so go ahead and try them out.

Far Cry 6 Error Codes & Fixes

far cry 6 error codes fixes solutions

Error Code Bookworm-BEEEBDF2

Restart the game to resolve the issue with matchmaking while trying to host a co-op session.

Error Code Snowshoe-D15BE00A

When you face issues while connecting to a co-op session, simply restart the game and it should function normally again.

Error Code Bookworm-E4B38E48

This error message is related to matchmaking failure during a co-op session or a Special Operation. And yes, I am once again here to tell you to restart your game to fix this problem.

Error Code Aoraki-190

This error message is related to issues with a Special Operation mission and restarting the game should fix it.

Error Code Trapper-D1534951

This error message is related to issues with a Special Operation mission and restarting the game should fix it.

Error Code Trapper-CE15CEE7

This error message is related to connection issues with a Special Operation mission and restarting the game should fix it.

Error Code Bookworm-EED8E27C

When the game fails to connect to someone else’s Special Operation, this error will appear. This time, you don’t need to restart the game. Just try to connect again.

Error Code Trapper-7D405B30

This error code is related to a problem connecting to a co-op session. Restart your game and try again.

Error Code Bookworm-9770CCC2

When the co-op menu doesn’t open after starting a new game, this error will come up. Restart the game to fix it.

Error Code Alberta-FFF0BE14

This error code comes up when you try to accept invites from other players and restarting should do the trick.

Error Code Bookworm-BE8A522E

This error message is related to co-op session invite acceptance issue. You know what I am about to tell you. Yes, restart your game.

Unable to continue playing Far Cry 6 after leaving a co-op session Fix

If Far Cry 6 freezes for a minute after leaving a co-op session after finishing the main campaign, you need to wait until it fixes itself. Now, in case that doesn’t happen, restart your system and try again.

Unable to leave Photo Mode in Far Cry 6 Fix

Ubisoft is aware of the problem where you will be unable to leave Photo Mode if you don’t find a co-op partner while using it. The fix in this case suggested by Ubisoft is to restart your game.

Play Together button is Greyed out Fix

Are you unable to start a Special Operation in Far Cry 6 because the Play Together button is unresponsive? Well, it indicates that you are not connected to the game right now. You need to close the game and reload it to get it up and running normally.

Unable to complete “Triada Blessings” or “Boom or Bust” missions Fix

During co-op mode, if you are finding issues while completing Triada Blessings or Boom or Bust, what you need to do is complete it in singleplayer mode with the relevant Amigo equipped.

Hopefully, the error gets cleared out and you can play with the game solo or with your friends via co-op without issues. For any more help, head over to our Far Cry 6 guides on Gamer Tweak!