Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List (2023)

Unable to figure out what's the Best Weapon in Monster Hunter Now? Check out our Tier List to know about it.

Wondering what’s the Best Weapon to have in Monster Hunter Now? Don’t worry, as we have ranked all the weapons in this Tier List. For those wondering what’s the need for this list, let me explain it to you quickly. See, there are various kinds of Monsters in this Pokemon GO-esque game, and choosing an ideal weapon to fend them off is a difficult job. Each weapon has different qualities and can overwhelm you so you need this Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List for better categorization. Scroll down to learn more about it.

Best Weapons In Monster Hunter Now (Tier List)

Check below for the Tier List of Best Weapons in Monster Hunter Now. The weapons below are ranked from S (Best) to C (Worst) Tier based on their functionality:

Weapons Tier
Sword & Shield S
Long Sword A
Light Bowgun B
Hammer, Great Sword C
Bow D

Sword & Shield

Sword and Shield: Best Weapon in Monster Hunter Now

The Sword and Shield combo is the best thing that can happen to you during combat. While the Sword will do its job of executing lightning-fast strikes, you can use the Shield to block the same from the enemies. This weapon combo barely restricts your movement and allows you to dodge monster attacks quickly. No matter how difficult the battle is, you can rely on them to complete the hunt.

The Long Sword

Long Sword in Monster Hunter Now

If you want to deal massive damage, but don’t want to compromise with agility, then the Long Sword is just the weapon for you. This weapon has the potential to be called the best weapon in Monster Hunter Now but misses that mark due to the lack of defense. You completely have to depend on your ability to dodge but that’s fine. What makes a Long Sword special is it’s Spirit Gauge (the sword icon on the bottom screen). Each time you land a successful strike, the Spirit Gauge will begin to fill. And it will deplete if you get attacked by the enemy. But once you are able to fill it completely, you can unleash a special move on the enemy.

Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun

This medium-ranged weapon is good enough for any player to complete a Hunt. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to avoid physical combat with the monsters. A Light Bowgun is very easy to use because of the crosshair it offers. I personally like this weapon because of the types of ammo it allows you to use. May it be a Slicing Ammo, Piercing Ammo, or Concussive Ammo, a perfect hit on the button will do the job for you. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about defense as well. You can still move and dodge incoming attacks after equipping a Light Bowgun in Monster Hunter Now.


Hammer in Monster Hunter Now

Hammer is the Titan Weapon of Monster Hunter Now and is an expert in causing massive damage to the enemy. It’s quite obvious that you can not launch a series of attacks while carrying it due to its weight. But for the amount of damage it does on one blow, having this is totally worth it. To make the most out of it, you can charge it for a few seconds and then attack to cause more damage. However, this weapon can leave you vulnerable meanwhile you are busy adjusting it after a swing. So you’ll have to be a little mindful while using it.

Great Sword

Great Sword

The Great Sword will test your temperament as it’s another slow weapon on this list. To make the best use of this weapon, you need to look out for an opening. Maybe dodge once or twice and then swing the Great Sword to deplete the monster’s health by a massive amount. For maximum effects, you can charge and then strike a blow on the enemy.


Bow: Worst Weapon in Monster Hunter Now

Coming down on the list, we have a Bow for those who prefer to battle from long range. I have put this weapon at the bottom of my list because it is very slow to use. It takes a little time to nock an arrow again after shooting one. This leaves us vulnerable to all sorts of incoming damage. But just like the Light Bowgun, a Bow has the potential to deal with giant monsters too. But for now, it’s less advantageous than another weapon in our Monster Hunter Now Tier List.

Note: This Tier List is completely opinion-based and many of you may not agree to it. In such instances you are free to experiment and find your match winning tool. 

That’s all covered for our Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List. If you find this guide helpful, then be sure to check out our other MHN Guides right here at Gamer Tweak. We have stacked up plenty of them right here at Gamer Tweak.