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Best Weapons In Minecraft Dungeons 2023 – Tier List

Find the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons in this tier list.

Looking for the best weapons tier list for Minecraft Dungeons? Well, you need not look further. In this tier list, you will find a compilation of weapons from the game. These weapons will be ranked from best to worst, from tier S to tier C. Here, tier S will feature the best weapons in the game, while tier C will feature the worst weapons. With the help of this list, you will be able to make sure you only choose the best weapons for your arsenal whenever you play the game next.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapon Tier List (2023)


S Tier – Best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

As we mentioned earlier, the S tier features only the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. Using these weapons will help you get top results. They will also make progressing through the game a more effortless experience. These weapons come with some powerful effects, so you can use them to your advantage.

Double Axe Spin Attack
Great Hammer Great Splash
Gauntlets Relentless Combo
Soul Fists 2x Soul Gathering, Relentless Combo, Souls Critical Boost
Fighter’s Bindings Turbo Punches, Increased attack speed
Hammer of Gravity Attracts enemies, Great Splash
Whirlwind Spin Attack, Generates Shockwaves
Heartstealer Steals health from powerful mobs, Enhanced Pushbacks

A Tier

Now, we come to the A tier in Minecraft Dungeons. This part of the article features weapons that are great, but maybe lack a few strengths. Because of this, they do not find their way into the higher-rated S tier. Despite this, these are absolutely wonderful weapons with some immense effects. They do not lag far behind their slightly higher-rated counterparts.

Katana Long Melee Reach
Claymore Powerful Pushback
Spear Increased Melee Reach
Glaive Increased Melee Reach
Diamond Sword Enhanced Damage
Broadsword Increased Pushbacks, Enhanced Damage
Eternal Knife Opportunity to gain Souls, 2x Soul Gathering, Thrust Attack
Maulers Endless Combo, Increase in attack speed
Frost Scythe Slows down mobs, 2x gathering of Souls
Whispering Spear Occasional 2x strike, Increased melee reach
Truthseeker Enhances damage to injured mobs, 2x Soul gathering, Thrust attack

B Tier

You can consider the B tier to be the middle of this list. The weapons here are neither exceptional and outstanding, nor are they downright bad or unusable. You can think of them as somewhere between good and average. These are great to use, especially if you do not have access to better items.

Soul Knife 2x Soul gathering, Thrust attack
Axe Spin attack move
Daggers Dual Wield
Cutlass Durable Combo
Soul Scythe 2x Soul gathering
Fangs of Frost Reduces the speed of mobs, Dual wield
Diamond Pickaxe Helps you find more Emeralds
Hawkbrand Enhances the chance of a critical hit
Flail Chains down enemies
Jailor’s Scythe Chains down enemies, 2x Soul gathering
Grave Bane Enhances damage to the Undead, Enhanced melee reach
Master’s Katana Enhances the chance of a critical hit
Stormlander Shoots out bolts of lightning, creates a huge splash
Nameless Blade Reduces strength of enemy attacks, Durable combo
Venom Glaive Enhanced melee reach, spawns clouds of poison

C Tier

The C tier of this list features the worst weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. We do not recommend you to use them unless you absolutely have no other choice. The other items in this list offer far greater performance and effects, making them way better.

The Last Laugh Results in mobs dropping more Emeralds, dual wield
Sickles Dual wield
Highland Axe Scares mobs, Spin attack move

So there you have it. These were all of the best weapons in the Minecraft Dungeons tier list. As you can see, looking at this list will make your job of picking weapons much less stressful. Even if you do not have access to the better weapons here, you need not worry. With some patience and time, you too will be able to acquire them.

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