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Weapon Modifiers Guide For Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

If you're not familiar with Weapon Modifier in Tears of the Kingdom, then here's all you need to know.

If you’re new to Tears of the Kingdom, then you might be wondering what Weapon Modifiers are and how you can get one. In simple terms, the modifiers give your weapon a stat boost that lasts until your weapon breaks. The same mechanic was first introduced in the Zelda BotW and was considered pretty useful. However, due to its overpowered effect, many of the modifiers were nerfed. That made the players wonder how many Weapon Modifiers are there in Zelda TotK.

How Many Weapon Modifiers are there in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Weapon Modifiers Guide In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom totk
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As of now, we’ve come across 5 Weapon Modifiers in Tears of the Kingdom. However, in the Zelda BotK, there were up to 8 of them. And it is speculated that not all of them will be returning to the game. For your reference below we have mentioned all the confirmed and previous ones below.

Confirmed Weapon Modifiers in Zelda TotK

Here are all the confirmed Weapon Modifiers that you can obtain in Zelda TotK

  • Attack Up: Buffs the attack stat of the weapon
  • Shield Guard Up: Improves durability of the Sheild
  • Quick Charge: Improves speed of Charge attacks
  • Durability Up: Buffs the durability of the weapon
  • Critical Hit: Makes the final combo hit deal critical damage to the opponent

Previous Weapon Modifiers (BotK)

These are the BotK Weapon Modifiers that haven’t been seen in TotK yet. We will update this article if we come across one of them.

  • Long Throw: Increases the area covered by a thrown weapon.
  • Five Shot Burst: Allows firing 5 arrows in a single hit
  • Quick Shot: Increases the speed of firing arrows

If you are wondering how you can obtain the confirmed Weapons Modifiers, then scroll down for more details.

How to Get & Equip Weapon Modifiers in Tears of the Kingdom

How to Get & Equip Weapon Modifiers in TotK modify weapon
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To get and equip Weapon Modifiers to one of your weapons you’ll have to find Rock Octorok. This creature is usually found in the northwest region of the Marakuguc Shrine. Once you find it, simply place the weapon in front of it and it’ll suck the weapon in. And after a few seconds, it’ll throw a repaired and modified weapon toward you. But when it does, ensure you have your guard up or else it might kill you.

If you give it a weapon with no modifiers equipped it’ll reward you with a White level (Basic) modifier upgrade. But if you give it a weapon with a Green (Average) or Blue (Good) upgrade, then it may give you the Gold level (Best), or repair it and give back a Blue one again. You can tell the Weapon Modifiers level by the color of the weapon’s background in your inventory. Also note, Rock Octorok can only repair & modify weapons on Blood Moons.

That sums up all about the confirmed Weapon Modifiers and how you can equip one in Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re dicey about which equipment you should go with, then check out this list of the Best Weapons available in TotK. Also, take a look at the ways to farm Diamonds & Rupees in the game.