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How To Craft Weapons In Apex Legends Season 6

Craft your weapon according to your precision

Crafting in Apex Legends is going to overhaul the entire game with Season 6. If you’re curious to know how crafting will work in Apex Legends, check out our article on how to build the perfect weapon in Apex Legends.

How To Craft Weapons In Apex Legends Season 6

Season 6 is right around the corner and we cannot wait for the massive changes that the new update will bring to this battle royale game. Along with crafting, there’s the debut of a new legend named Rampart.

Rampart is an expert modder and will introduce players to crafting and weapons mods, this will allow players to take ordinary weapons and transform them into something incredible.

Crafting is finally available in Apex Legends and it allows you to find material all over the map and once you have enough you can bring those back to the Replicator to get yourself a new weapon.

There are two types of loot that you can get from the Replicator, Weekly, and Daily. Weekly loot will give you a backpack, helmet, knockdown shields, etc. These will be rotated weekly.

Daily loot offers the players with a new weapon each time they deposit enough material in the Replicator, you can get fully kitted out weapons which will resemble late-game loots in Season 6.

The Replicator will offer up to 8 different crafting options for players to choose from you will be able to permanently craft your weapons too with the Permanent crafting item and you also get Weapon Fit that will customize your weapon like no other.

The launch trailer of Apex Legends showed Rampart at the center of the chaos, taking charge and hopefully adding new weapons to the game.

We’re hoping that Respawn Entertainment sheds some more light about crafting in Apex Legends before Season 6 rolls out so that players will get more information as soon as the new season begins.

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