How To Get Ash Bobblehead Legendary Charm In Apex Legends

Without finding the secret legendary charm you cannot complete the Broken Ghost quest in Apex Legends.

If you are following the Broken Ghost quest in Season 5 of Apex Legends, there is a Secret Legendary Charm reward that players can get their hands on.

This is not only a nice piece of reward to hang on your weapon but it also signifies the successful completion of the Broken Ghost quest. if you are wondering how to get the Secret Legendary Charm, read this guide until the end.

How To Get Secret Ash Bobblehead Legendary Charm In Broken Ghost Quest Apex Legends Season 5

Season’s 5 Broken Ghost quest revolves around the storyline of Loba and her quest for answers and revenge against Revenant. You should keep in mind that if you pursuing this quest, you need to have collected the 45 treasure packs and as of right now there are less than 30 days for you to complete it.

  1. If you already have at least 17 of these treasure packs by now, you’re still eligible to get your hands on the Secret Legendary Charm, otherwise, you might be just out of luck.
  2. The Secret Legendary Charm requires you to complete 10 hunts that are scattered along King’s Canyon and digging up artifacts and then making your escape through the ship. You get to select your own loadout which brings about a very different sort of experience in Apex Legends.
  3. Before you get to the end of this quest, you will have to clear out the Enemy of My Enemy quest, this is the penultimate quest and you will be powered by Revenant’s Ultimate which gives you more speed and power in a melee attack.
  4. When you complete this mission you will get the Ashes to Ashes mission and here you will have to take the head that you found in the last mission and attach it to the body. You will have to find your way beneath the map through different tunnels and you will finally get there.

Upon doing this you will be rewarded with the Secret Legendary Charm which is the Ash bobblehead, an epic Flatline skin and you will get to see Ash, who if you have played Titanfall 2, you will remember this Apex Legend easily.

This is all there is to do, the final mission is full of twists and turns, and if you have been following the quest all throughout since it began it will surely shock you.

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