Where To Find Weapon Core Mod In Rage 2

Location of the most important item to upgrade weapons in Rage 2

To upgrade weapons in Rage 2 you will need two things Fertlite to unlock Upgrade Levels and Weapon Core Mode to buy the Upgrade. Fertlite is easy to find, they are the most common things in Storage containers. But finding Weapon Core Mod is tough because it is a rare collectible in Rage 2. It can be found through Ark Chest or purchased from the vendor. In this Rage 2 where to find Weapon Core mod guide, you will learn about Weapon Core Mod locations.

Weapon Core Mod Location

Ark Chest:

The most common place for you to find Nanotrite Booster and Weapon Core Mods. Nantotrite boosters will help you to upgrade abilities while Weapon Core Mod will help you to upgrade weapons. There are around thirteen different Arks in Rage 2, to save your time we have a guide that will help you to discover all the 13 Arks and unlock its rewards. Look for Shrouded Shub Station Bravo that is located in the South of Dune Sea region. In this station go to the locker room on the right and turn left for a small staircase. There is a mark chest near the stairs where you can unlock some Weapon Core Mods. There are more in this region. Ecopod Broken Tract Ark is also a place to unlock some Weapon Core mod, there are two chests in this region. Locate them to earn an Auto part also.

Buy From Vendor:

One of the easiest ways is to buy a Weapon Core Mod from a Vendor in Gunbarrel trade down. This will be unlocked on Mission Blackout where you have to meet John Marshall. After the meeting, he will tell you to go to sewers on your way you will unlock the Vendor. You can purchase a lot of things including Nanotrite Booster and Weapon Core Mod. One cost around $1000 dollars. It is costly but can be worth saving time if you don’t want to scan all the 13 Ark Chest Locations. In our Vendor guide, you can find a list of items and their cost.

So these are the two best locations to find Weapon Core Mod in Rage 2, for more similar guides and tips please visit our Rage 2 Wiki Guide.