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WB Montreal Confirms To Be Working on AAA DC Comics Games

WB Montreal seems to be working on other AAA-games in the DC Comics universe, but not Batman, according to reports.

The new game of Batman will not be revealed tomorrow May 12, according to the video game journalist Geoff Keighley, in this Summer Game Fest. Keighley, however, has said that he will reveal a brand new game on the same date, but has made it clear via his Twitter account that it will be a “cool and fun” announcement.

Man fans on Twitter were asking whether this would be a new Batman game reveal or so, but to this question, he literally replied, “it’s not Batman”. “It’s a fun announcement, people are just guessing random stuff ..,” he added. Fans have been longing for a new Batman game that has been talked about for a long time, but until now no concrete details have emerged such as its reveal or a real announcement.

But in any case, it looks like a Batman is in development. Jason Schreier, who was a former Kotaku journalist, had revealed that after the cancellation of E3 2020 Warner Bros. was planning important revelations at the Los Angeles event. Many games of the company were supposed to be announced, including the upcoming Rocksteady title, a Harry Potter role-playing game and Warner Bros. Montreal’s Batman.

We might possibly get some announcement soon for these games with the Summer Game Fest and different online events taking place this summer. Additionally, there was recently talk about a reveal of the new title of the Dark Knight in June. In fact today, WB Montreal has published on its official Instagram page that it is “developing DC Comics-focused AAA games”. So definitely, something is cooking in the pot.

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