The Infiltrator Class Turning Invisible Ability Is A Hoax – Watch Dog Legions

You did not really turn invisible!

Watch Dogs Legion is all about hacking and doing things secretly with the help of advanced technology. The more connected things are the easier it is to manipulate. Like the autonomous cars, drones, etc. Watch Dogs Legion is set in futuristic London City where a world is completely managed and controlled with the help of advance tech. There are gangs who control various regions and private military who wear the mask of a guardian angel.

While watching the gameplay demo video released during E3 2019 it is confirmed the game will have three main class Enforcer, Hacker, and Infiltrator. Each class features a unique perk system and specialized equipment like Spiderbot belongs to Hacker class. This allows players to perform a remote attack and access data by staying in cover.

The most interesting of all is an invisible cloak belongs to the Infiltrator class. A special ability to make us disappear in the eyes of enemies. But does it really work like that?

The ability is a hacking trick, not really a superpower or an advanced gadget. Every person in London City wears an optic nerve device connecting them with each other. Similar to them enemies, soldiers who take orders are also connected through with this optic nerve device and the Infiltrator class has the ability to hack this chip. It puts a camouflage cloak on them making the Infiltrator recruit invisible in the eyes of a single person, this means you are still visible to others patrolling around.

So while playing if you are excited to use the AR Cloak ability thinking that it will almost make you completely disappear then it will not. It is a temporary camouflage can be used to subdue an enemy from behind or pass through a soldier or guard in your way. Still, you have to be cautious while entering into a restricted area. The same ability works well for hiding dead enemies, once they are done they are hidden from other vision to avoid any kind of alert. This is where this ability works well.