Watch Dogs Legion – All Classes And Specialization

Every Recruit Needs A Class

Watch Dogs Legions is a big game and to progress, you will need a lot of help from the common citizens of London. DeadSec a secret organization hires them to complete operatives that will further help the Resistance to overthrow authorizes. The core gameplay of Watch Dogs Legions is simple, find new recruits, convince them to join DeadSec and progress through the story. In this short Watch Dogs Legions tips you can find information on Class, an important aspect of the game. After convincing every recruit you will be asked to pick one from three classes that have town equipment, specialization, and perks. The three classes are Enforcer, Hacker, and Infiltrator. Having enough recruits form each will help you in a different type of objectives.

Watch Dogs Legion Class Details

A class in Watch Dogs Legion is more like a play style, you can select a unique class for every recruit and assign a playstyle.


Enforcer is one who specializes in Guns and Damage. More like soldiers they are good at the damage and this class belongs to them. Enforcer can use equipment like Sticky Mine. Ideal for a mission where you have to ambush or deal with lots of enemies Enforcer’s are one who is good with weapons and causing the highest possible damage.


This is the most common class we had seen in Watch Dogs series, a class that is best for remote control operation. That means operating from a distance by hacking into security cameras, computers, etc. Hackers use Spiderbot, a specialize small robot that can download data and also subdue enemies on your behalf.


This class is best for those who love to stay in cover. Ideal for stealth mission recruits under this class is allowed to use an AR Cloak that makes them disappear for a while. Yes, the power of invisibility is in the hands of Infiltrators. Recruits under this class are best for stealth mission and melee combat.

Watch Dogs Legion All Perks

With every class comes unique perks, the type of class is visible on the profile photo of recruit in the Team section. To view perks select the recruit under Team and press key to View Perks. There will be around 12 perks per Class, that will grant some special ability to the recruit. For example, Shockwave under Infiltrator Class offers the ability to perform a strong power strike to stagger nearby enemies.