What Is The Warzone Farmhouse Code: How To Open It?

There's a locked Farmhouse door in Farmland but how to open it? What are the secrets and easter eggs it holds and what's the Warzone Farmhouse code? Get the answers her

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 is currently going on and as always, there are locked doors, hidden secret codes and more. This encourages players to keep exploring and the rewards are some fun Easter eggs. Continuing this tradition, there’s a new Easter egg and it is in the farmhouse in Warzone’s Farmland. What is the hidden secret and what’s the code for it? Get it here.

What Is The Code To Unlock The Farmland Door In Warzone?

Players have to always be on the look out for some codes because you never know where it might come in handy. For this one, there is a VCR that has a code on it. Where? Well, it is on the Call of Duty 2020 site. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed a code 49285163 on it.


Use this access code and enter it in the keypad in the Farmhouse in Warzone. It is located next to the stairs so go ahead and do the needful. After that, you have to interact with the door to open it.

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Farmland Secret Door Unlocked – What’s inside?

There could be some cash, possibly a UAV, a rotary phone with a code on it (56 125), some ammo, armor plate etc. Some more objects are placed in the room that you can check out. There are no hidden weapon skins here. What’s the secret though? We’re not entirely sure right now. People are speculating if this could be an Easter egg of Black Ops Cold War since the code was from its teaser website. More information is highly anticipated by fans but for now, this Farmhouse Code in Warzone seems to have little purpose. Or is it something more than we realize right now? Only time will tell.

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