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B7 Boneyard Bunker Code COD MW Warzone: How To Open

B7 Boneyard Bunker can be unlocked with eight digit code 97264138. Enter this eight digit code in keypad to unlock B7 Boneyard Bunker.

You will need an Access Code to enter the B7 Boneyard Bunker in COD Warzone. So, let’s find out where to enter this code and how to open the Bunker.

B7 Boneyard Bunker Code Warzone



97264138 is the access code for the B7 Boneyard Bunker. To enter this code you will first have to go to the largest building in the B7 Bunker. Here you will see two huge vault doors. To the right of these doors, you will be able to find a tiny keypad. Once you interact with it a tiny pop-up will appear in which you have to enter the code given above. After you enter the 8 digit code you will be able to enter the vault and have a look around.

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To use the access code for the B7 Boneyard Bunker you first have to go to Verdansk. On the lower left of the map, you will find the grid ‘B7‘. Go towards the top right of this grid bock and you will find an access road here. Keep going along this path and you will eventually enter the Bunker. Just keep an eye out for the tallest building and enter it.

This is a part of the Tighten the Noose mission in Warzone. As part of this mission, you will have to find 7 intel files in total to complete the mission. Out of these, 2 files are located inside the vault that you need to open. You will collect the rest of the 5 files beforehand as the B7 Bunker is the last location you need to visit for this mission.

This is everything you need to know about how to open the B7 Boneyard Bunker using a code in Warzone. Now that you are here make sure you have a look at how to open the Nakatomi Plaza Vault.