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How To Open The Nakatomi Plaza Vault In CoD Warzone

Here are the keycard locations to open the Nakatomi Plaza vault in CoD Warzone

With the new update, Warzone is giving us some serious nostalgia vibes bring back the 80s Action Heroes from Rambo and Die Hard. If you have seen Die Hard, you must know the infamous skyscraper Nakatomi Plaza and the vault inside it. You as players now have the responsibility to crack the Nakatomi Plaza’s vault open and grab that loot. So in this guide, we will tell you how to open the Nakatomi Vault in Call Of Duty: Warzone.

How to Open The Nakatomi Vault in Call of Duty: Warzone?


Building Location

To open the Nakatomi Vault, you will have to search through the skyscraper to find three access keycards. The three access cards open the three loot chests in the Nakatomi Vault. The vault however can be opened from any one of these access cards and is located on the 31st floor.

Keycard Locations to open the vault in Warzone


Here are the locations of all the key cards and what loot chests do they open:

1. First Key card location – Unfinished Business Event

Unfinished Business Contracts


The Keycard 1 is a reward for completing the ‘Unfinished Business’ contract which is pretty much similar to a scavenge contract. These contracts are found around the skyscraper. You will need to activate them fast as there are limited contracts that can be activated per game and have to be completed within 5 minutes. They are marked in a yellowish color to differentiate them from the other contracts around. Once activated, you will be tasked to find three crates around the area. Upon opening the last crate, you will get the first access card to open the Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Warzone.
The first access card will have Stopping Power Rounds, Specialist bonus, $20,000 cash.

2. Second Key card location – Hostile Fire Event

Disarm C4 Open Nakatomi vault Warzone


The hostile fire event will take place on the rooftop and begins as soon as you land on the roof. The setting of this event is that you have to disarm the C4 bomb that is ticking while there are attack helicopters trying to take you down along with the enemies. Disarming this C4 will give you vault keycard number 2. To reach the topmost part of the Nakatomi Plaza, the only way available is via a zipline. You can climb to the roof but the highest roof is accessible only through the zipline. There are however multiple zip lines that you can make use of. The best one you can use is the one that is inside the elevator shaft.

The mission is timed, however, the C4 will be marked on your screen so it will be easy to find it. As soon as you disarm the C4, you will get the key drop right below it long with some loot. If an enemy has already taken the keycard, you can simply kill the enemy and it will drop the key for you to open the Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Warzone.
The loot chest that the Keycard 2 opens will have an Advanced UAV Killstreak, an Armor box, and $20,000 cash

3. Third Key card location – Deal Gone Wrong

Deal Gone Wrong Open Nakatomi vault Warzone

Probably the toughest to crack, this event has two phases to it. You can activate this event at the underground car parking area. There will be a staircase leading down that will be outside the building or you can go from the inside of the building too. There, in a box truck that is located in the middle of the parking lot which is identifiable with its glowing light. Interact with the radio inside the box truck to activate the mission.

The first phase of this mission will spawn a number of NPCs that you will have to kill. players can get through the first wave solo. However, the second wave will require some help from the squadmates. The second wave will have enemies with higher health bars and a boss fight with a juggernaut named Gary the Blinder. He will be a tough nut to crack. Getting through this mission will give you the third keycard.
This key card chest will give you the Contraband Weapon Blueprint.

So that is all there is to it on how to open the Nakatomi Vault in Call of Duty: Warzone. If you would like to know about the no lag VPN in Warzone, do check out our article on that too.