How To Unlock All Chest In Warrior Shrine – MK11 Krypt Glitch

A glitch that allows you to unlock all twenty four chest in Warrior Shrine

Do you want to unlock all 24 chests in Warrior Shrine? If you go manually by paying coins and hearts it’s going to take hours of grinding. Because unlocking the chest requires the severed head of characters and you have to grind through the Tower of Time to get one. Plus you have to perform a certain amount of fatalities and it is very time-consuming.

But thanks to a youtuber vantablack, who found a working glitch that unlocks every character chest in the Krypt in Mortal Kombat 11. The user has tested it on PS4 and it works, going through the comment some have justified it had worked for them and so I am making this Mortal Kombat 11 Warrior Shrine guide to help you to unlock everything before NetherRealm Studios steps in and patch everything.

How To Unlock All Twenty Four Chest In Warrior Shrine For Free

Visit the Warrior Shrine, it will be unlocked after you bang that Gong in the left of Courtyard that give access to the Forge. From the new door turn right and cross a wooden bridge, Warrior Shrine is on the right. As you enter a cutscene will reveal a falling meteor that will give Gem of Living, one of the two key items to unlock the Underground Caves.

For each character, there is a chest on the right, and to unlock this you will need to bring items. It will require hours of grinding to get rewards from every chest, but thanks to a simple time sensitive glitch that will help you to unlock everything for free. Here how it works.

  1. Go to Warrior Shrine, pause the game and go to Main Menu.
  2. From the main menu Hold X and then enter the Krypt once again.
  3. Keep pressing X, an walk towards the Warrior Shrine.
  4. Next, there is a chest on your right, go near a chest to unlock this.
  5. Repeat this step for every character.

Below is the list of rewards you will earn while unlocking the chest. You can watch the video by vantablack below to know more.

1). Scorpion Warrior Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Scorpion Victory – Unchained
  2. Scorpion Skin – Trial by Fire
  3. Scorpion Ninja Mask – Burning Shirai Ryu
  4. Scorpion Katana – Folded Makuri Katana
  5. Scorpion Spear – Grandmaster’s Righteous Fury

2). Noob Saibot Warrior Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Noob Saibot Victory – Day of the Dead
  2. Noob Saibot Skin – Dying Light
  3. Noob Saibot Mask – Silent Torment
  4. Noob Saibot Sickle – Last Summer
  5. Noob Saibot Shadow – High Sign of the Copycat

3). Liu Kang Warrior Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Liu Kang Victory – Exit the Dragon
  2. Liu Kang Skin – Hell’s Spawn
  3. Liu Kang Mask – Hard to Kill
  4. Liu Kang Nunchaku – Hallowed White Lotus Nunchaku
  5. Liu Kang Bracers – Fierce Panther

4). Kitana Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Kitana Victory – Airs and Graces
  2. Kitana Skin – Battle Royale
  3. Kitana Mask – Fifth Horsewoman
  4. Kitana War Fan – Unholy Deathblade
  5. Kitana Sai – Takatan Bone Sai
  6. Unlocks Door to Throne Room

5). Kung Lao Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Kung Lao Victory – Occam’s Razer
  2. Kung Lao Skin – Prince of Darkness
  3. Kung Lao Razor Hat – Legacy of Lao
  4. Kung Lao Bracer – Boxing Tortoise Shells
  5. Kung Lao Insignia – Early White Lotus Carving

6). Skarlet Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Skarlet Victory – Krimson Reaper
  2. Skarlet Skin – Appetite for Destruction
  3. Skarlet Mask – Outworld Waif
  4. Skarlet Dagger – Bloodbather’s Blade
  5. Skarlet Blood Vial – Bloody Breath of Beata

7). Jade Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Jade Victory – Malachite
  2. Jade Skin – Eidolon
  3. Jade Mask – Bride of Kotal Kahn
  4. Jade Razor Rang – Stonecutter
  5. Jade Staff – Imperial Jubilee

8). Frost Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Frost Victory – Slopestyle
  2. Frost Skin – Kamouflage
  3. Frost Mask – Frozen Filter
  4. Frost Power Array – Gemma
  5. Frost Frozen Core – Cbyertronic Endymiator

9). D’Vorah Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. D’Vorah Victory – Bug Out
  2. D’Vorah Skin – Mileena’s End
  3. D’Vorah Ovipositor – Fanged Exoprong
  4. D’Vorah Swarm – Septic Slugs
  5. D’Vorah Wings – Kytinn Commando

10). Erron Black Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Erron Black Victory – Cowboy Up
  2. Erron Black Skin – Buttoned Up
  3. Erron Black Hat – Dry Spell
  4. Erron Black Rifle – Hogwylder .270
  5. Erron Black Pistol – Blood & Guts

11). Shao Khan Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Shao Khan Victory – Konquered
  2. Shao Khan Skin – Edenia’s New King
  3. Shao Khan Wrath Hammer- Outworld Beast Hammer
  4. Shao Khan Emperor’s Helmet – Kahn of Kahns
  5. Shao Khan Lance – Tamarisk

12). Raiden Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Raiden Victory – Lightning Storm
  2. Raiden Skin – No Quarter
  3. Raiden Hat – Outworld Unwavering Teacher
  4. Raiden Staff – Breath of the Elder Gods
  5. Raiden Medallion – Eternal Watchman

13). Kabal Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Kabal Victory – Slice of Death
  2. Kabal Skin – Tornado Cut
  3. Kabal Face Sheild – Deathgrin
  4. Kabal Hook Swords – Hu Tou Gou
  5. Kabal Gas Canister – ATP Energizer

14). Jax Briggs Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Jax Briggs Victory – Shell Game
  2. Jax Briggs Skin – Overwatcher
  3. Jax Briggs Bionic Arms – Grenade Catchers
  4. Jax Briggs Buckle – Death Squad
  5. Jax Briggs Thumper – Stars & Stripes

15). Jacqui Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Jacqui Victory – Floor It
  2. Jacqui Skin – Tour of Duty
  3. Jacqui Right Gauntlet – Right the Dependables
  4. Jacqui Left Gauntlet – Left Old School
  5. Jacqui Shield Battery – Blast Insurance
  6. Unlock door on the right top of Throne Room

16). Geras Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Geras Victory – Standing Down
  2. Geras Skin – Cosmic Inflation
  3. Geras Knuckle Duster – Daybreaker
  4. Geras Sand Battery – Talisman of Tempora Maxima
  5. Geras Temporal Anchor – Kronika’s Prototype

17). Johnny Cage Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Johnny Cage Victory – Inner Child
  2. Johnny Cage Skin – Courtside
  3. Johnny Cage Shades – Hard Business
  4. Johnny Cage Hand Wrap – Utility Gloves
  5. Johnny Cage Buckle – Light Heavyweight Legend

18). Sonya Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Sonya Victory – Air Support
  2. Sonya Skin – Mrs. Warfare
  3. Sonya Head Gear – Never Gives Up, Never Surrenders
  4. Sonya Power Glove – Double Barrels
  5. Sonya K.A.T. Turret – Diamondback

19). Cassie Cage Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Cassie Cage Victory – Good Boy
  2. Cassie Cage Skin – Grapevine
  3. Cassie Cage Pistol – Die Frauenkommandantin
  4. Cassie Cage Shades – Extra Lit
  5. Cassie Cage Drone – Patty Pathfinder

20). Kano Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Kano Victory – Spit Take
  2. Kano Skin – Bag Man
  3. Kano Pistol – Hunter Kollector
  4. Kano Shades – Infrared Pyramid
  5. Kano Drone – Black Dragon Utility Knife

21). Baraka Shrine Chest Rewards:

  1. Baraka Victory – Picked Clean
  2. Baraka Skin – Bone Krusher
  3. Baraka Arm Blades – Tarkatan Kombat Okrakan
  4. Baraka Head Gear – Primitive Look of Tarkatan War
  5. Baraka War Banner – War-Worn Flag of Tarkata’s Army

22). Cetrion Shrine Chest Rewards: Unlock Cetrion’s Amulet

  1. Cetrion Victory – Genesis
  2. Cetrion Skin – Autumn Rain
  3. Cetrion Goddess Crown – Verdant Clarity
  4. Cetrion Eternal Corona – Dreamscaper
  5. Cetrion Tendril – Remnants of Life
  6. Krypt Key Item – Cetrion’s Amulet

23). Kollector Shrine Chest Rewards: Unlock Cetrion’s Amulet

  1. Kollector Victory – Naknadan Warlock
  2. Kollector Skin – Dirty Hands
  3. Kollector Satchel – Kollector’s Kickback
  4. Kollector Mystic Beacon – Copper Mystic
  5. Kollector Chained Ball – Mortis Blossom
  6. Unlock the door on the left of Throne room

24). Kotal Khan Shrine Chest Rewards: Unlock Cetrion’s Amulet

  1. Kotal Kahn Victory – Blessed Sun
  2. Kotal Kahn Skin – Malachite
  3. Kotal Kahn Macana – Maqahuitl of the Osh-Tekk
  4. Kotal Kahn Hook – Divine Sickles of Itzcoatl
  5. Kotal Kahn Totem – Jaguarundi Sun God Totem

By following the glitch it would take around 10 to 15 minutes to unlock all twenty-four chest of Warrior Shrine in Mortal Kombat 11. Enjoy looting.

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