WarioWare Get It Together Tier List 2023: Best Characters Ranked

Wondering which is the best character you should use for Micro Games? This WarioWare Get It Together Tier List has you covered.

WarioWare: Get It Together has you play a lot of Micro Games. Unlike previous games in which the characters just gave you a distinct appearance and helped you recognize your player. This game has different abilities for each of its characters. So without further ado, let’s quickly check all the characters ranked from best to worst in this WarioWare: Get It Together Tier List.

WarioWare Get It Together Tier List – All Characters Ranked from Best to Worst

warioware get it together tier list

These characters are placed in these tiers based on their usefulness. This tier list is subjective and if you find any of your favorite characters and feel that they don’t belong in a particular tier but higher don’t worry you can still have fun playing with them. So let’s check this list.

S-tier – WarioWare: Get It Together Tier List


Penny uses a water jetpack to direct herself opposite to where she shoots. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Crygor.

Dr. Crygor

Dr. Crygor is a 109-year-old cyber-organic mad scientist. He can swim freely in any direction.


Ashley is a 15-year-old witch. She can use her Broom to fly anywhere she wants while moving freely, and can also shoot projectiles.



The main character of the game. He is known for using his jetpack and can also shoulder dash on either side. Even though he is the default character you can get through most mini-games using him.

Jimmy T

Jimmy Thang is a disco dancer with music notes for a mustache and a blue afro wig. He can move in all directions using his dash attacks.


Orbulan is an alien who decided to live peacefully in Diamond City after his UFO crashed and his plans to take over the world were foiled. He can use his UFO to shoot any incoming targets and can also float in all directions.


Mike is Dr. Crygor’s creation. He was created to keep the lab clean but Mike seems to be more interested in Karaoke it seems. He can move in all directions while only shooting up.

Dribble And Spitz

Dribble And Spitz are a cab driving duo, Dribble is the Bulldog and Spitz is the cat. They can move freely while firing in both directions. They can’t fire forward or back so this ability is restricted to only left and right. Another drawback is this can be only controlled by two players, Spitz being the Player two.



Red is an imp who can shapeshift and is mostly known for helping Ashley. His abilities include and limit to dropping bombs straight downward to interact with any objectives.

Master Mantis

Master Mantis is the mentor of Young cricket. While his directional movements might be regular, his jumps definitely are not. He can do crazy high jumps and also walk on ceilings, which is his biggest strength.

Young Cricket

He is the apprentice of Master Mantis. Young cricket just like his master, can move normally in either direction and do jumps. But unlike his master, he can’t walk on ceilings.



Pyoro first appeared in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ for the Game Boy Advance, and has been in other WarioWare games since then. He can move left and right with ease but not up and down. His abilities are him using his tongue to reach high places. You will have to practice your aim though to get used to the angle.


Lulu is a skilled archer and has a water gun name Hydrocannon-LX. She can easily go up and down and her notable abilities include ground pound.


He is a tall human. 18-Volt is the classmate and best friend of 9-Volt. The only good thing about this character is that he can shoot projectiles. His movement is restricted to the handles provided for him to latch onto.


Kat and Ana

They are the young ninja sisters. Kat and Ana when spelled together will give you a Katana. They are annoying because they jump continuously, though their jumps are high. You can also rapidly shoot shurikens while using them.


9-Volt is 5-Volt’s child, popularly seen with his skateboard. Sadly he is continuously moving in either direction and you will have to spam the A button to stop him. The only good thing about this character is him having a good upward reach with his yo-yo.


She is 9-Volt’s mother. When it comes to redeemable abilities she only has one, that is she can teleport. This ability isn’t as cool as it might sound because to move her you will have to repeatedly teleport her.

That sums up this tier list of WarioWare: Get It Together characters. Check out our Valheim Best Weapons Tier List, for more tier lists and for more things gaming tune into Gamertweak.