Valheim Best Weapons Tier List 2023 – Best Sword, Bow, Arrows & More

We've ranked all the weapons including the best Club, Mace, Knife, Polearm, Sledgehammer, Axe and more in this Valheim Weapon Tier List.

Valheim is one of those games where your weapons and tools will make a huge difference in your experience. Since you can play co-op with other players, the weapons you have in your arsenal and the tricks you have up your sleeve will decide how you manage to defeat enemies. This is why we have created this Valheim Weapons Tier List where we’ve ranked weapons from best to average. Scroll till the end and begin your journey towards the weapon you prefer.

Valheim Weapons Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked

valheim weapons tier list best bow arrow sword mace ranked

Note that this list may change as more updates are added to the game. But as of now, this is our tier list of the best weapons in Valheim including the Best Sword, Club, Mace, Bow, Knife, Polearm & more.

Tier Weapon
S Tier (Best Mace in Valheim) Porcupine
S Tier (Best Club in Valheim) Frostner
S Tier (Best Sledgehammer) Iron Sledge
S Tier (Best Spear) Fang Spear
S Tier (Best Bow) Draugr Fang
S Tier (Best Polearm) Blackmetal Atgeir
S Tier (Best Arrow) Silver Arrow
S Tier (Best Knife) Blackmetal Knife
S Tier (Best Sword) Silver Sword
S Tier (Best Axe) Battleaxe
S Tier Abyssal Harpoon
S Tier Stagbreaker
S Tier Needle Arrow
S Tier Blackmetal Sword
A Tier Bronze Sword
A Tier Finewood Bow
A Tier Iron Mace
A Tier Huntsman Bow
A Tier Bronze Mace
A Tier Obsidian Arrow
A Tier Poison Arrow
A Tier Frost Arrow
B Tier Iron Sword
B Tier Bronze Atgeir
B Tier Abyssal Razor
B Tier Bronze Spear
B Tier Ironhead Arrow
B Tier Fire Arrow
C Tier Flint Axe
C Tier Ooze Bomb
C Tier Fang Spear
C Tier Bronzehead Arrow
D Tier Flint Knife
D Tier Flint Spear
D Tier Copper Knife
D Tier Ancient Bark Spear
D Tier Bronze Axe
D Tier Club
D Tier Flinthead Arrow
D Tier Wood Arrow

I hope this list helps you in your adventure. If you are jsut getting started with the game or if you want to know some hidden tricks, head over to our Valheim guides wiki for more helpful info!