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Warframe Prime Release Order Dates

These are all the Warframe Primes in the Release Order of the game.

Warframe Prime Release Order is much awaited as the new Primes bring freshness to the game. They come with their own versions of skill sets and abilities and can be Primes as well as non-Prime types. This guide will help you know all the release dates of the new Primes that are going to be launched in the upcoming year in the game.

Warframe Prime Release Order



There is a new Prime release every season in Warframe. They usually have a 100-day time span before the next release. They release the male and female Primes equally. Currently, there are 79 Primes in Warframe, both Primes and Non-Primes. Below are the upcoming releases of Primes in Warframe.

Nidus Prime Summer 2021 Male
Harrow Prime Fall 2021 Male
Khora Prime Winter 2021 Female
Garuda Prime Spring 2022 Female
Revenant Prime Summer 2022 Male
Baruuk Prime Fall 2022 Male
Hildryn Prime Winter 2022 Female
Wisp Prime Spring 2023 Female
Gauss Prime Summer 2023 Male
Grendel Prime Fall 2023 Male


Warframe Prime Releases of 2021

These were all the releases that we got to see in the year of 2021 in Warframe.

  • Gara Prime (Female) – 25th May 2021
  • Sevagoth (Male) – 13th April 2021
  • Octavia Prime (Female) – 23rd February 2021


2020 Releases

These are all the Primes that were added in the year 2020 in Warframe.

  • Lavos (Male) – 19th December 2020
  • Nezha Prime (Male) – 27th October 2020
  • Xaku (Composite) – 25th August 2020
  • Inaros Prime  (Male) – 14th July 2020
  • Protea (Female) – 11th June 2020
  • Titania Prime (Male) – 31st March 2020


2019 Prime Releases in Warframe

Here are the Prime reseases for the year of 2019 that were added in Warframe.

  • Ivara Prime (Female) – 17th December 2019
  • Grendel Prime (Male) – 31st October 2019
  • Atlas Prime (Male) – 1st October 2019
  • Gauss Prime (Male) – 29th August 2019
  • Wukong Prime (Male) –  6th July 2019
  • Wisp Prime (Female) – 22nd May 2019
  • Equinox Prime (Female) – 2nd April 2019
  • Hildryn Prime (Female) – 8th March 2019

So that is all for our guide on the Warframe Prime release order. If you would like to know how to farm Eximus fast in Warframe, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.