How To Farm Eximus Fast In Warframe

A complete guide on how can you farm Eximus in Warframe fast for your Eximus Executioner challenge.

Warframe will never let you slow down with its numerous quests and challenges. One such challenge that you will find in Nightwave is the Eximus Executioner challenge. This challenge would want you to kill a 100 Eximus. Eximus are basically enemies that have various types, each having its own unique abilities. In this guide, we will help you complete your Eximus Executioner challenge and tell you how to farm Eximus fast in Warframe.

Where to Find and Farm Eximus in Warframe?

Now one good thing about Eximus enemies is that they spawn via any base unit type. Now that may be a problem in general as they will be in increased numbers, but for this challenge that is what we need. Eximus can be farmed in any of the missions that you complete. However, there are some hotspots that you can trigger to spawn more Eximus than you usually encounter. Below, we have listed all the ways to farm Eximus faster in Warframe:

Sanctuary Onslaught

Sanctuary Onslaught

This has 2 different modes. The first one is Sanctuary Onslaught for level 20-30 and the second one is Elite Sanctuary Onslaught for level 60-70. Depending on your level, choose one. But naturally, Elite will have a higher spawn rate than the other one. You can kill some here and move on to other methods. Note, these modes will only be available to you once you finish the New Strange Quest.


Void is a safe bet to farm some Eximus hanging out to help you with your mission. They may not be in numbers that you see in Sanctuary but it is a guaranteed location to find some.

Sortie Missions

Sorties are basically your daily missions in Warframe. One of these Sorties has an Eximus Stronghold modifier which will bump up the Eximus spawns much higher than the usual. You can complete this sortie and farm Eximus hand in hand.

So that will be all on for our guide on how to farm Eximus fast in Warframe. If you would like to get your hands on the Sevagoth Armor, check out our article on How To Get Sevagoth Armor In Warframe.