All Wand Handles In Hogwarts Legacy (Avian Brown, Regal Pink, Shell Grey & More)

Read this guide to know about all the Wand handles in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you have started playing Hogwarts Legacy, you will realise that there are several Wand handles that you can choose from. These Wand handles are only to improve your stick’s appearance and provide no boost to its stats. There are many Wand handles in the game which can often make you lose track of them all. This guide will note down every handle that you can find in the game.

All Wand Handles in Hogwarts Legacy

arrow pink swirl

Wand Handles are collected as you progress and explore in the game. As far as we know, there are a total of 42 Wand Handles that you can get in Hogwarts Legacy. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list of all handles that we know so far:

Note: This list was updated on 16th February 2023, with all the 42 Wand Handles that we found.

  1. Arrow – Brown
  2. Avian – Beige
  3. Avian – Brown
  4. Botanical – Bronze Leaf
  5. Botanical – Silver Leaf
  6. Botanical – Bronze Leaf
  7. Botanical – Dark Brown
  8. Celestial – Light Grey
  9. Celestial – Blue
  10. Checkerboard – Teal
  11. Checkerboard – Blue
  12. Column – Teal and Brown
  13. Column – Dark Brown
  14. Column – Beige 
  15. Corkscrew – Brown
  16. Corkscrew – Light and Dark Brown
  17. Corkscrew – Teal Blue
  18. Orbicular – Brown
  19. Orbicular – Gold
  20. Regal – Pink
  21. Regal – Blue
  22. Regal – Black
  23. Basketweave – Blue
  24. Basketweave – Black
  25. Basketweave – Red
  26. Sabre – Ash Brown
  27. Sabre – Brown
  28. Sabre – Grey
  29. Shell – Grey
  30. Shell – Honey Brown
  31. Shell – Metallic
  32. Swirl – Brown
  33. Swirl – Lilac
  34. Swirl – Dark Grey
  35. Arrow – Black (Found from Brother’s Keeper)
  36. Arrow – Pink Swirl
  37. Avian – Grey (Found from Flying Off the Shelves)
  38. Orbicular – Violet (Found from Gobs of Gobstones)
  39. Orbicular – Gold
  40. Imperial – Grey and Silver
  41. Imperial – Grey and Bronze
  42. Imperial – Brown and Gold

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While the location for most of these Wand handles is not certain, we do know some of them:

  • Basketweave (Blue): Found in Professor Fig’s classroom
  • Orbicular (Violet): Found during the “Gobs of Gobstones” side quest.
  • Checkerboard (Blue): Found at the Faculty Tower
  • Regal (Black): Found in the basement of the Restricted Section of the Library.
  • Avian (Grey): Found during the “Flying Off The Shelves” side quest

That’s everything you need to know about all Wand handles in Hogwarts Legacy. For more tips & tricks like this, head over to our Hogwarts Legacy wiki section.