Wallpaper Engine Alternative For Windows 10

Here are the best Wallpaper Engine Alternatives to give you animated and live wallpapers for PC (Windows 10).

Wallpaper Engine on Steam is one of the most popular utilities/softwares that has overwhelmingly positive reviews. But, it’s not free, which is why many are searching for Wallpaper Engine alternatives. To help you out, we’ve created a list of all the free alternatives and some paid ones as well, if you want to try those too.

Wallpaper Engine Alternatives (Free)

As you already know, with Wallpaper Engine, you can get live wallpapers on your Windows desktop which will instantly make it attractive and definitely grab the attention of others around you. You can get 2D videos, 3D animations, stylish effects on the screen and much more. Let’s take a look at which other sources can give you results similar to Wallpaper Engine.

Lively Wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper download

Lively Wallpaper is what will add more life to your desktop by giving you animated wallpapers. It’s a free software as well as open source, so you can use dynamic webpages, GIFs, visualizers and more as wallpapers. The best thing is the the playback will stop when you are using any full-screen games or apps. The process to set files as wallpapers is super easy too so this is our first and best recommendation on the list.


ScreenPlay Wallpaper Download

ScreenPlay is also an open source app that you can use, and it’s available on Steam itself. Pick any one from the collection it offers or upload something of your own. HDR and 4K wallpapers are also supported and it’s optimized for high DPI screens and widescreen formats as well. The reviews for this app are very positive on Steam so go ahead and give it a try.

AutoWall Wallpaper

Free Wallpaper Engine Alternatives Autowall

Yet another free wallpaper software for your PC is AutoWall. Use it to convert your favorite animated GIFs to your wallpaper. Luckily, the interface is super simple and you can easily upload a GIF to it. But in the case of this software, if you use bigger files, videos or web URLs, your CPU usage will be affected. Also, you cannot resize or rescale the GIFs to fit the screen.

Weebp Wallpaper

Weebp Wallpaper

Weebp Wallpaper asks why be static when your background can be dynamic? Well, this free and open source Wallpaper engine is one with which you can use any video as your desktop wallpaper. T You can set animated windows as a background as per the sizes and parameters you require. It is based on MPV player so you won’t have any problem playing videos.

Paid Alternatives

If you want some features that you are not finding in the free alternatives, you can try out any of these paid Wallpaper Engine Alternatives below.


RainWallpaper download

This is yet another live wallpaper engine that you can use to beautify and personalize your desktop with some animations. It provides a lot of cool effects, videos and graphics as well which will affect your CPU by 0%-1%. There is a built-in online gallery where you will be spoilt for choice. If you have tips a multi-monitor setup, this software supports it as well as all aspect ratios and native resolutions.


DeskScapes paid wallpaper engine alternative

With DeskScapes, you can use customized animated videos with minimum CPU usage. Plus, you can add 60 special effects like pop art, blur etc to stylize it. DeskScapes has a vast library that you can take your pick from. Of course, you can use your own content too which will make your desktop even more personlized. That’s not all, you can also recolor the wallpaper. With a simple user interface and multiple monitor support, this paid option offers everything that you may be searching for.

This list is not over yet! We will be updating more Wallpaper Engine Alternatives for you right here so check back soon. Meanwhile, check out our Features section for more such lists that will help you out.