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Lost Ark VPN Ban Explained

Check out our guide to find out everything to know about the VPN ban in Lost Ark.

As Lost Ark is available only for selected regions, several players use VPN to change their locations. But that’s not the only reason to use it. Through the use of VPN, players experience a higher performance with lower ping and latency. So, when Amazon announced that using VPN may result in a ban, the entire Lost Ark community was surprised. So, here’s everything to know about the VPN ban in Lost Ark.

Is there a Ban for using VPN to Play Lost Ark?


The answer to that question is no. With the recent alterations, players will no longer be able to use VPN in Lost Ark. But it won’t result in any account bans. Hence, your progress might be safe.

Why has Amazon Blocked VPN usage?

Amazon solely restricts the use of VPNs. Because it might be the best way to prevent the “Combat botters” from entering the game. It also restricts players to access the game from regions they aren’t legally bound. This VPN ban will help the devs block cheat programs. It was stated by the Community Manager of Lost Ark in one of the discussion forums that he can’t answer whether these blockers will stay permanently or not. The Community Manager, Roxx added further that they acknowledge the fact that many players use VPNs for legitimate purposes. Thus, using VPNs in Lost Ark will result in no bans for now.


lost ark vpn ban

While using a VPN breaks the Terms and Conditions of Steam and Amazon Games, it is surely a sad day for players using them in restricted regions. Roxx also stated that this ban might not kick them right away, it will prevent them from logging back into the game. As for the Lost Ark community, some players supported the decision while others were disappointed. Because using VPNs also prevented some errors for a few users. And after the VPN ban, players have been facing quite new problems. This includes lags, stutter, frame drops, and overall performance of Lost Ark.

Several players in the community commented that they have made a lot of progress using VPNs in restricted countries and now it all is in vain. On the other hand, some players praised that it needed to be done and it surely restricts the botters from entering the game. But does it put an end to the botters? No! As stated by Roxx, “This is not the end and all solution to the problem. However, it has already made a massive impact.” He added that they have been experiencing major drop-offs. Some players commented that using commercial VPNs may help in sneaking past this VPN ban in Lost Ark.


Although we will have to see what the future holds for the botters and players alike in Lost Ark.

That’s all on everything to know about the VPN ban in Lost Ark. If you are encountering some errors, check out our guides on how to fix chat not working, shop not working, lag and latency issues fix in Lost Ark right here on Gamer Tweak.