How To Complete Void Feast Bounty Quickly In Destiny 2

Prasad More
3 Min Read

The Void Feast is one strange bounty of all times in Destiny 2, this is part of the 2020 Guardian Games and with it, there are tons of new challenges that you can complete. If you are confused about how to complete the Void Feast bounty, read on until the end of this guide for a better understanding.

How To Complete Void Feast Bounty In Destiny 2

The Void Feast bounty has a strange description to it which reads: “As a Voidwalker using Attunement of Hunger, defeat enemies with Devour in streaks of 10 or more”.

We have seen plenty of players being confused because above the line and in doing so never complete this simple yet time-consuming bounty. There is a particular method in which you have to get kills in the Void Feast Bounty in Destiny 2.

To be able to complete, you will need to completely charge up your melee attack and use them to kill enemies when you’re on the void feast bounty. This is a slow process but there are ways to boost it.

There is another clause to this bounty as you have to complete it without dying, this makes it incredibly frustrating but it also brings out the best in the players.

First, you will need to equip two items that will give you a much-needed boost and these items are:

  • Claws of Ahamkara
  • Monte Carlo

The Claws of Ahamkara will give you extra melee charge so that when you use them in this void feast bounty you will get two melee charges for one and the Monte Carlo will melee energy in return for each enemy you kill. This will speed up the process of charging up your melee attacks.

If you do not have the Monte Carlo, you can use Nezarac’s Sin with a void energy weapon and get a similar effect.

Make sure that your armor has higher strength, using all of this together will speed up your process exponentially in the void feast bounty in Destiny 2.

Once you are done with the streak, make sure that you die as your additional kills won’t be counted after completing the first streak.

This is all there is to know about how to complete the void feast bounty in Destiny 2. Make sure to check out the best weapons in Destiny 2 right here at GamerTweak.