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Does MultiVersus Have Voice Chat? (Answered)

Want to trash-talk as you play Batman or other characters? Check out our guide to find out if MultiVersus have voice chat or not.

MultiVersus is an action-platform video game that features a wide range of characters. You can play as any iconic character, from DC’s Holy Trinity to Tom & Jerry and more. Some players are wondering if this ultimate Multiverse crossover also allows voice chat. Imagine you are playing as Batman and trash-talking with your opponents in that raspy voice. But the question in line is whether MultiVersus supports and have voice chat or not. Not to worry, check out our guide to know everything about it.

Does MultiVersus have Voice Chat or Game Chat?


The answer to that question is NO! MultiVerus neither has the feature of Voice chat nor Game chat. That means you cannot communicate with your friends and other players during matches. This can create a bit of confusion as players will be unable to strategize with their friends or other allies during matches. But you can use any third-party apps or software like Discord to communicate. Which is slightly a bummer!

multiversus have voice chat game chat

Looking at the brighter side, it saves much toxicity around the community. Although I wanted to channel my Taz’s or Bugs Bunny’s voice during matches, we all might have to wait for a while. As the video game is in a beta phase, we can expect them to include voice chat and game chat in the future. Coming back to the toxicity, we can expect lots of tomfooleries once we get the voice chat.


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