Diablo 4 Voice Actors: Lilith, Lorath Nahr & More

Wondering about full cast of D4 voice actors behind screen? Here's where you can find out the cast of all Diablo 4 voice actors.

As the release date of Diablo 4 comes closer, many big names are revealed to join the full cast. With voice actors like Ralph Ineson, Careson Fiber, Debra Wilson, and more joining the cast, it’s often tricky to recognize the voices behind the screen. Before you slay demons and a plethora of monstrosities, it is important to know these voices along with the characters they play. For suppose, many players want to know who voices the narrator of D4, Lorath Nahr. Who plays and voices Lilith, Inarius, or other characters? Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out the full cast revealing all Diablo 4 voice actors.

Diablo 4 Voice Actors – Full Cast

diablo 4 voice actors

Here’s the full cast list of all the confirmed voice actors in Diablo 4 with their characters:

  • Caroline Faber: Lilith
  • Anthony Howell: Elias
  • Gabe Kunda: Inarius
  • Prava: Debra Wilson
  • Ralph Ineson: Lorath Nahr / Narrator
  • Laura Bailey: Rogue (speculated)
  • Ray Chase: Barbarian (speculated)
  • Matthew Mercer: Druid (speculated)
  • Cree Summer: Auriel (speculated)

Joining the Diablo cast as Prava, Debra Wilson is on her way to slay hordes of demons and monstrosities. Previously seen as Cere in Jedi Survivor, Debra has also voiced Savathun in Destiny 2. Being a former archangel of High Heavens and creator of Sanctuary, Inarius will be voiced by Gabe Kunda. While making a brief appearance in the announcement trailer, his feud with Lilith would serve as the major plot for Diablo 4. Speaking of the unspoken horrors, Caroline Faber is confirmed to play Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto. As Elias, Anthony Howell will also join Lilith as her right hand and accomplice.

Although Blizzard has confirmed several above-voice actors on their official Twitter handle, it leaves space for a majority of the cast. But until then, the Diablo community on Reddit took it upon to themselves in discovering the voice actors. The voice of the narrator, Lorath Nahr, in Diablo 4 has been a matter of debate for many players. While this character was previously voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, Ralph Ineson is likely to be the voice of Lorath in D4.

If you have played Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, you will recognize him as Charles Vane right away. You may also recognize him from his work in movies like Green Knight, VVitch, and Game of Thrones.

Note that the above cast list is a work in progress. We will update this list with more voice actors as soon as they are revealed to us.

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