Days Gone Secret – How Everyone Turned Into Zombies?

Sarah reveals the secret of virus outbreak that killed everyone

In Days Gone billions of humans turned into “Freakers” some different version of zombies, they live in a group, hibernate and eat humans. So they are different because Zombies love brains. Now if you are curious to know what causes the Virus Outbreak that destroyed the city turning people into Freakers and animals into weird animals, then I will reveal that for you. But before you move ahead, SPOILER ALERT, you can avoid this and get back to your life or you can continue reading to kill the butterflies in your stomach.

What Caused the Virus Outbreak

Sarah and Deacon both visit Cloverdale Lab to get a DNA Sequencer. They found Jim whom Sarah kills after unlocking the lab door. This triggers a cutscene where Deacon and Sarah start looking into the test facility. Sarah knows a lot, and she is already aware of what caused the Freaker problem in the city. She revealed an intern name David Gorman was aware of the problem and he was warned Sarah many times.

David Gorman’s ambition was to become the next Edward Snowden by revealing the secret of a bio-weapon carried out in the facility. Things did not turn well, due to Sarah’s negligence. David hacked the facility and took a sample with him. Unlucky David got infected and later tried visiting a reporter at big Green Expo in Portland. Within two days everyone in the Expo got infected and they return to their home back with the deadly virus that turned them into Zombies or sorry Freakers.

David an “intern” messed up and Sarah was just a puppet. She realized her mistake and accepted it was her research that caused the death of two and a half billion people.

What’s Next?

A few questions arise that after two years of virus outbreak were a lot of people turned into mindless zombies who love to attack humans, why Deacon, his brother, and other people are still uninfected. And if David was infected how possibly he infect other, because through a Zombies point of view you have to bite to spread infection or there have to some way to transfer the virus. A similar incident took place in the movie I Am A Legend starring lonely Will Smith. A re-engineered measles virus that was created to cure cancer changed his mind and destroyed almost 90% of people around the world. They were turned into a Vampiric Mutant called Dark seekers, extremely vulnerable to sunlight.

What do you think is this reason good enough to digest that an intern messed up and destroyed the entire human population because he just wanted to be Snowden?

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