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Minecraft Villager Breeder: Breeding Farm Guide

Learn how to make a Villager Breeding Farm in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft, made by Mojang, is an amazing Sandbox game that brings the 2D Pixels aesthetic to a 3D game. Many players have made many amazing and beautiful things like SMPs, Gigantic Builds, RPG Realms, Redstone Machines, etc. Villagers are an important part of any Minecraft World. Villages provide a good early start to Players & Villagers can be traded with to get better Loot & items. In such cases, you want to have more Villagers around. Fortunately for us, Villagers can Breed with each other and produce more Villagers. In this guide, I will show you how to make a Villager Breeding Farm in Minecraft.

How to make a Villager Breeder or Breeding Farm in Minecraft

villager breeding farm minecraft

Unlike other Creatures in Minecraft, Villagers do not require any special item for Breeding other than Beds. This has led to a number of automatic Minecraft Villager Breeding Farms & from there, Villager Trading Halls. So here is how to make a Simple Villager Farm.

  • Make a 9×9 Dirt Platform around 7 Blocks above ground.
  • In the middle, replace it with a Water-Logged Staircase and a Composter on top of it.
  • Tile the Dirt Blocks and plant Carrots.
  • Now get 2 Villagers in it. One of them will take the Job of a Farmer.
  • Make a 2 Blocks high wall around the Dirt Platform with a 2×1 entrance.
  • Place a Trapdoor on the top of the Entrance.
  • Now just outside of the entrance, place 6 Beds in such a way that 3 of them are adjacent and the pillows are in the direction of the entrance.
  • Copy the format for the other Beds so they touch the ends of the other Beds.
  • Place these beds two blocks away from the entrance and place 2 Trapdoors, one on the Dirt Platform & the other on the Platform with the Beds.
  • Make sure to keep them open so that the Baby Villager will fall to the catcher below.
  • Make a Platform to catch the Baby Villagers when they fall.
  • Here is where the construction of the Villager Breeder is done.
  • Now when the Time of Day is just right, the Villagers will Breed & make a Baby Villager.
  • This is an infinite Villager Farm where you can stop it by placing a block in the entrance of the Dirt Platform.
  • Note: make sure to stock up the Farmers with Carrots so that the Breeding process can begin.
  • After that, your Minecraft Villager Breeder is done.

This was all about the Villager Breeding Farm in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How Many Blocks Are There in Minecraft.