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Victini Pokemon Go: Victini Will Be Available To Catch In September

Find out all about the return of Victini in Pokemon Go in September 2020.

Pokemon Go fans, rejoice! Niantic has announced that the Mythical Pokemon Victini will be available at September end as Special Timed Research. So those who missed the opportunity to catch Victini before (during Pokemon Go Fest 2020) can do it soon. The exact date is not known at the time of writing but we will update this post as soon as it is revealed.

There will be a Special Research questline that players will get that will be all about this Legendary Fire/Psychic type Pokemon. The Victini Special Research tasks will be called ‘Investigate a Mysterious Energy’ and luckily, they will not have a deadline. All players can participate in this.

For those who have completed the Victini Special Research from the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 already, you won’t be left empty handed. You will be able to obtain Victini Candies with these objectives so that’s some good news.

That’s everything that we know about Victini in Pokemon Go in September. Apart from this, there are a lot of other updates. One of the updates that is important to know is that Team Rocket will leave Pokemon Go at the end of September. You will see Jessie and James till 30th September 2020 and that’s it.

Additionally, there will be an event on September 24 where you can get double Stardust by winning battles. This event will take place from 6 pm to 11:59 pm local time. Also, you can complete 20 battle sets and not just five.

That’s not all, there will be Mega Evolution Events in September and their dates are as follows:

  • September 1 to 7: Complete Mega Raids
  • September 11 to 17: Use Mega Evolved Pokemon against Raid bosses and also Team Go Rocket members
  • September 22 to 28: Increase your friendship level with the Mega Evolved Pokemon

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